Release Blitz, Excerpt, Giveaway, Review: Land On Me by Matthew R. Corr


Book Title: Land On Me

Author: Matthew R. Corr

Publisher: Quill Hawk Publishing

Cover Artist: Dessiree Perez

Release Date: August 26, 2021

Genre: Contemporary M/M Coming-of-age

Tropes: Forbidden love, mystery

Themes: Coming out, forgiveness, grief, self-love

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 120 000 words/440 pages

The author is working on a sequel.

The book does not end on a cliffhanger.



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His secret could cost him everything.



Landon Griffin has everything going for him. He’s a high school senior on the brink of receiving a football scholarship, his dad is running for mayor of Madison, Texas, and his future with his girlfriend looks bright. But his simple life shatters when feelings spark for a guy he’s never met. Giving the stranger the codename Mystery Boy, Landon hesitates to step out of his comfort zone to solve the mystery. Living in a conservative town, he struggles to hide his new obsession while trying to figure out where he fits within the spectrum of sexuality. Can he dodge the constant questions from his friends and find answers before the escalating anxiety becomes too much to handle? Land On Me is Matthew R. Corr’s debut novel akin to the drama of Christopher Rice and the coming-of-age brilliance of Alex Sanchez.




My ears rang. I’d heard gunshots in movies, but in real life, they are louder than you’d expect. My elbows locked and my arms shook. I wanted to drop the gun, but my entire body was frozen in place. All I could smell was the scent of hot metal emanating from the barrel of the weapon. My mouth was too dry to speak, and I could hardly swallow. I desperately wanted to reach out to make sure he was okay, but there was so much blood. It was so red, and it was coming out so quickly. I didn’t want to shoot him but he wouldn’t have stopped otherwise. Tears welled in my eyes. His blood was on my hands now.



This book was a roller coaster ride! Please be advised going into this book that there are a lot of heavy topics that are covered. Things I feel you should note is that there is drug use, drug dealing, violence, gun violence, assault, bullying, suicide, loss of a parent, and a school shooting drill. All of these issues are covered respectfully but may be an issue for some readers.

Landon is a great character. For the better part of this novel, Landon is attempting to sort out where he falls on the sexuality spectrum. It all begins really when he spots a new young man at the school who appears to be doing community service. This theme continues throughout the book and is really genuine and authentic. I loved being along with Landon on his discovery.

This book really took me back to high school. I feel as though Matthew Corr has managed to successfully capture that high school voice of a person attempting to negotiate everything that comes up. Landon is a character that is dealing with a lot. He’s lost a family member to suicide, he is questioning his sexuality and is trying to separate what he wants for himself from what his father wants for him.

There was a little bit too much telling rather than showing in the first part of the book but I felt as though the author hit his stride later on. I will definitely be watching for any future books from Matthew Corr!


About the Author

Matthew Corr was born and raised in beautiful New England. Coming out as a gay man in high school in his small town fueled his big city dreams. Matthew moved to New York City, where he gained a degree in musical theater. After countless performances on stages across the country, his passion for writing finally stepped into the spotlight. Matthew is a huge nerd for film and everything Marvel-related. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. Land On Me is his debut novel. To learn more about Matthew, and the release of his next book, please visit



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