REVIEW: If I See You Again Tomorrow by Robbie Couch


From the author of The Sky Blues and Blaine for the Win comes a speculative young adult romance about a teen stuck in a time loop that’s endlessly monotonous until he meets the boy of his dreams.

For some reason, Clark has woken up and relived the same monotonous Monday 309 times. Until Day 310 turns out to be…different. Suddenly, his usual torturous math class is interrupted by an anomaly—a boy he’s never seen before in all his previous Mondays.

When shy, reserved Clark decides to throw caution to the wind and join effusive and effervescent Beau on a series of “errands” across the Windy City, he never imagines that anything will really change, because nothing has in such a long time. And he definitely doesn’t expect to fall this hard or this fast for someone in just one day.

There’s just one problem: how do you build a future with someone if you can never get to tomorrow?



📕 good time loop story

📘 Engaging plot

📙 diverse



A Clark is experiencing his own Groundhog Day. He was out with friends entirely too late one night and has been waking up the morning after over and over. The same white dresser, and the same strained relationship with his mother. One day he tells his counselling that he is lonely and is assigned some new homework.

When Clark admits to being lonely it seems a new series of events in motion. A new student shows up at Clark’s school: Beau. In a rare moment of impulsivity, Clark tags along on Beau’s “errands” which are really more of an excuse to adventure than anything else. It all begins with a stolen car.

The marvellous thing about the same day over and over is that you don’t have to face the consequences. But, as the day draws to a close, Clark begins to think there’s more going on than he is aware of.

This novel is part mystery, part new romance, and part fantasy. It’s all about being lonely, taking risks, changing your life and being there for others when they need you. My experience with Robbie Couch’s writing is that they provide lovely dialogue, and always handle challenging situations well.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Robbie Couch’s writing. This book felt a little slow to me. It could be that is just a symptom of a time loop book. I was a little impatient about wanting to get things resolved so I could know what was going to happen. That’s definitely a me problem though, I struggle with patience when it comes to reading.


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Things You May Want To Know: Please be aware, I’m by no means an expert on what may or may not have the potential to disturb people. I simply list things that I think a reader might want to be aware of. In this book: (SPOILERS) racism, transphobia, misgendering, violence, blood, ableism

I received an ARC of If I See You Again Tomorrow by Robbie Couch  from Edelweiss in exchange for an unbiased review.

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