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Reviewing In 2020

I just wanted to touch base with people. Normally, you wouldn’t hear much from me other than book reviews and recommendations... the occasional promotional post. 2020 so far kind of defies description. It’s been horrifying in many ways, frightening, overwhelming, and challenging. I have continued to review and post for a few reasons and I… Continue reading Reviewing In 2020


Review: “My Amityville Horror” on DVD

In 1975, Danny Lutz was the little boy living in the Amityville house during the infamous haunting.  It's been a book, it's been more than one movie, "Amityville" is probably a household word.  Now, after almost 36 years, Danny Lutz has decided to tell his story about growing up in the famously "haunted" house. When… Continue reading Review: “My Amityville Horror” on DVD