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REVIEW: Forbidden Need by Lee Colgin

The Official Description: As Rudy adapts to life in a new town, he lays eyes on a man whose very presence steals his heart. The man is bewitching. Bewitching…and grumpy. Samuel has no interest in the coyote shifter who’s been following him around like a lovesick pup, even if he is adorable. Adorable…and persistent. Born… Continue reading REVIEW: Forbidden Need by Lee Colgin


REVIEW: Box Hill, A Story of Low Self-Esteem by Adam Mars-Jones

The Official Description: The winner of the 2019 Fitzcarraldo Editions Novel Prize A sizzling and deeply touching love story between two men, set in the gay biker community of 1970s London In a vivid coming-of-age novel, a young man suddenly wakes up to his gay self—on his eighteenth birthday, when he receives the best gift… Continue reading REVIEW: Box Hill, A Story of Low Self-Esteem by Adam Mars-Jones

Contemporary · diverse characters · erotica · mental health · MM romance · Paranormal · sci-fi / fantasy

REVIEW: Awakening

The Official Description: Nathen was recently diagnosed with autism, and he’s a newly created vampire. His maker, a multinational corporation with its finger on the pulse of the technology industry, has recruited him to stop a terrorist plot. In the process, he meets Cameron, a telepath and psychologist, who has a troubled past he keeps… Continue reading REVIEW: Awakening

coming out · Contemporary · diverse characters · lgbtqia content · mental health · new adult · sci-fi / fantasy · young adult

REVIEW: Boys of Alabama by Genevieve Hudson

The Official Description:  A coming-of-age novel told with magical realism, Boys of Alabama guides us through sixteen-year-old Max’s first year in America. In this bewitching first novel, a sensitive teen, newly arrived in Alabama, falls in love, questions his faith, and navigates a strange power. While his German parents don’t know what to make of… Continue reading REVIEW: Boys of Alabama by Genevieve Hudson