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Earnest Ink by Alex Hall

BOOK BLAST Book Title: Earnest Ink Author: Alex Hall Publisher: Nine Star Press Published: October 14, 2019 Cover Artist: Natasha Snow Genre/s: Queer Spec Fic, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Thriller/Suspense Trope/s: Found family Themes: Mystery/adventure Heat Rating: 1 flame Orientation: Asexual, Pansexual Identity: Cisgender, Trans Warning: Depictions of Trauma, Blood, Violence, Murder, Eating disorders, Body hatred, Transphobia, PTSD,… Continue reading Earnest Ink by Alex Hall

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REVIEW: Boiling Over by Thea McAlistair

The Official Description: On the run from trumped-up murder charges, Alex Dawson and his boyfriend Sev settle in a small town in Vermont on the recommendation of Sev’s mob-boss cousin Bella. Chickadee is so tiny that it has only one major employer in the depths of the Great Depression: Trask & Co. Maple Sugar Mill. It’s… Continue reading REVIEW: Boiling Over by Thea McAlistair

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REVIEW: Testament by Jose Nateras

The Official Description: Gabe Espinosa, is trying to dig himself out of the darkness. Struggling with the emotional fallout of a breakup with his ex-boyfriend, Gabe returns to his job at The Rosebriar Room; the fine dining restaurant at the historic Sentinel Club Chicago Hotel. Already haunted by the ghosts of his severed relationship, he’s… Continue reading REVIEW: Testament by Jose Nateras

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REVIEW: Raze (Riven #3) by Roan Parrish

The descriptive bit: Raze is the third book in the River series by Roan Parrish. Huey is a recovering addict who runs a bar and has scheduled his life down to the most minute details. When he's not working or working out, he's sponsoring other folks from NA. My thoughts bit: I absolutely loved this… Continue reading REVIEW: Raze (Riven #3) by Roan Parrish

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REVIEW: A Vampire’s Redemption by Casey Wolfe

The descriptive bit: A Mage's Power: Book 1 - Rowan is a Master Mage in. He has an enchantment shop, he studies for even more Masters exams and he spends time humoring the attention of his best friend and werewolf, Caleb. He bumps into Inquisitor Shaw one day on the street and they have an… Continue reading REVIEW: A Vampire’s Redemption by Casey Wolfe

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Review: The Love Left Behind by Daniel de Lorne Is Out and Proud May 4!

The short blurb bit: Nick is a pilot traveling the world with an unusual and touching mission. Lyall is an electrician from a tightly knit over-protective family. The two men meet and are instantly attracted to one another. They are both struggling with loss in their past and as they grow closer, they wrestle with… Continue reading Review: The Love Left Behind by Daniel de Lorne Is Out and Proud May 4!