Reviewing In 2020

I just wanted to touch base with people. Normally, you wouldn’t hear much from me other than book reviews and recommendations… the occasional promotional post.

2020 so far kind of defies description. It’s been horrifying in many ways, frightening, overwhelming, and challenging.

I have continued to review and post for a few reasons and I wanted you to know what the reasoning was behind that.

I make commitments to review and promote books far in advance for some titles. I have stuck to all of those commitments. Nearly all of my posts are scheduled in advance and are in keeping with the release dates for books. I have honored all of those commitments regardless of what has been going on in the world.

Books are important. Books can be an escape. Books can rescue people for a little while from dangerous and frightening places. Books can educate people about the issues they are facing. Books are comforting, they fill time, they give us a little vacation. They can make us feel less alone.

I review a variety of books. The books that are closest to my heart tend to be books about, by or for marginalized people. I endeavor to support “Own voices” authors whenever possible. I feel as though there are a lot of wonderful voices in the world that need to be heard. I review mainstream books so that I have an audience and a platform for non-mainstream books.

I didn’t stop reviewing books because I thought that some of the books I was reviewing were really important. It’s been a difficult time for independent authors and own voices authors. I wanted to honor my commitments and my support for these books.

Be safe. Be kind. Continue to fight for what you believe in.


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