REVIEW: The Good Liar by C.P. Harris


Six years ago, Jasper Des Moines traded in the only life he knew. In order to keep a promise and a secret, he walked from the only man he’d ever loved.

Now, he has a career in need of constant defending, a best friend who knows nothing about his past, and a husband he should love. He has the life he believes he deserves.

Until one day, the unfinished business he’d left behind catches up with him, and he’s faced with the one man he’d never been able to resist or forget.

Cole Kincaid arrives in New York City with ulterior motives, but good intentions. He simply wants a place in Jasper’s world again. And if Jasper is happy, then so is he. But as the truth of Jasper’s new life unfolds, the role Cole wants to play in it begins to shift.

He soon reminds himself that Jasper belongs to him, and no promises made before God to a man who isn’t him will ever change that.

Cole’s presence threatens the carefully constructed life of penance Jasper has created. And while Jasper is focused on maintaining the existence he’d rightfully earned, Cole tempts him with the existence he actually wants.

Tragedy might have torn them apart, but lies will bring them together again.

**The Good Liar is Book 1 in the Infidelity series. Each book features a new couple, can be read as a stand-alone, and ends with a HEA. Themes include possessiveness, jealousy, and second chances. Both MCs are consenting adults. Please use the “Look Inside” feature for a full list of tropes and trigger warnings.



📕 beautiful writing

📘 strong character building

📙 well-developed plot

📗 sizzles with connection



I will read anything that C.P. Harris writes. As far as I’m concerned Harris is one of the best writers in the genre. If you want fantastic writing, remarkable character building and original plots all wrapped up in sizzling tension and visceral lovemaking – then you’re in for a treat.

Basically, Jas has created the life he thinks he is worthy of. At best, it’s settling, at its worst perhaps it’s punishment. There was upheaval, loss and emotion in Jas’ youth, and he has landed where he feels he needs to be in order to continue to go forward. When Cole Kincaid slides back into Jas’ life in a business partnership with Jas’ husband everything is turned upside down again.

The thing that consistently draws me in is the author’s unfailing ability to give me all the things I need to feel as though I “know” the main characters in her novels. I may not agree, I may not think they make the right decisions, or I may agree entirely…but I know what the characters are thinking and feeling. As Harris’ novels progress, I feel as though I’m getting to know the characters as though they exist in my life. It’s quite remarkable.

Jas has been punishing himself for mistakes he feels he has made … mistakes he and Cole made. They were stepbrothers, but they were more. Drawn to each other in a way that was impossible to ignore, the two young men began a relationship with one another. When a parent discovered their relationship…the unthinkable happened and Jas’ and Cole’s lives were torn apart. One of the problems is that the two men have differing opinions on whether their lives should have changed…their lives and their relationship.

One of Harris’ talents is writing about couples who are so viscerally connected to one another that they have trouble even maintaining boundaries: soul mates, if you will. I love that the couple in this book is so caught up in their passion that they obliterate the lines they set for themselves and the way they love each other so deeply and thoroughly that there’s hardly space left for oxygen in the room.

On top of all the almost savage sex, there’s a twist… that I’m not even going to touch upon because I want you to discover it as I did. Harris could write pretty much anything, I’d say, and write it well.

Please make sure you ponder the content of this one. There is infidelity and boundaries are certainly pushed during sex (all consensual and sane). This book is amazing.



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I received an ARC of The Good Liar by C.P. Harris from the author  in exchange for an unbiased review.

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