REVIEW: Snowflake Kisses by Jordon Greene and Yayira Dzamesi

After an eventful fall term, Skylar and Jacob are finally together and getting ready to spend their first holiday together.

It′s an extra special holiday for Skylar though. It′s his first Christmas with the Grays as part of a real family, and he′s both nervous and excited. Could this be the Christmas he finally feels like he truly belongs?

Jacob is looking forward to spending the weekend with his boyfriend, but right before the trip his anxiety kicks in. He hasn′t found Sky a gift yet, and he′s freaking out! There are so many things he could get but only the most amazing will do for his Skylar. Will Jacob be able to find the perfect gift in time?


📕 graphic novella

📘 non-verbal character

📙 queer YA

📗 well-written characters, part of same universe


Jordon Greene writes the most amazing stories. That could be the end of my review, but I’m certainly not going to leave it there. If you haven’t made your way to the Noahverse books yet, you simply have to!
The Noahverse began with “A Mark On My Soul”, then “Watching for Comets” and finally, my favourite, “Every Word You Never Said.” The third book in this ‘verse is marvelous. Skylar is nonverbal and communicates by mouthing words, signing and using his iPhone. Greene has captured Skylar’s voice in a way that brings the character to life almost immediately. I had such a vision in my mind as to who Skylar was and I’m happy to say that the graphic novella that is coming this holiday season is perfect!
The partnership of Jordon Greene’s characters and illustrator Yayira Dzamesi’s heartwarming art is the perfect recipe for a warm-full-body-love-you-to-pieces-hug of a book. It’s a snowy winter wonderland when Skylar and Jacob head off to a cabin with the folks. This is a novella length story but it is packed full of romance, cuteness and snowy love. The colourful artwork perfectly matches the energy of Skylar and Jacob and the way their relationship is full and varied and they accept everything about one another.

This winter wonderland is a time of lovely romance under the snow and one of the most beautiful friendships I have read in a very long time.

⭐️ Skylar: Oh, Skylar, I adore you. Non-verbal Skylar is one of the most wonderful voices I have encountered in YA literature. I love that Skylar is such a force. And the way that Skylar’s voice is represented in the graphic novella is great: there are several different speech bubbles that represent different ways that Skylar communicates.

⭐️ Jacob: Jacob is a lovely character and holds his own in Skylar’s world. He is sweet and has a wonderful way about him. I like that he is “diverse” in his own way and under his own terms. He’s had a struggle to get where he is – and this is why I would recommend reading “Every Word You Never Said” before getting into this lovely novella.


Oh, my heart! The illustrations in this graphic novella are absolutely adorable. If you’d told me that someone could capture these two beloved characters so well, I’m not sure I would have believed you. Skylar and Jacob are exactly as they were in my mind and it was so wonderful to see them come alive on the page. This lovely book will be available December 13 in both English and Spanish. Check out the pre-order link below.

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I received an ARC of Snowflake Kisses by Jordon Greene and illustrator Yayira Dzamesi’s via the author in exchange for an unbiased review.

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