REVIEW: Unbroken (The Pirate and her Princess) by Alli Temple


A pirate’s home is the sea, sailing beyond the horizon with her true love.

Aboard the Crimson Siren, Captain Cinder finally has the life she’s always dreamed of. Her freedom is restored, her crew is a trustworthy bunch, and the princess who holds her heart is by her side.

But trouble brewing back in Redmere threatens to pull Cinder and Princess Georgina apart before their future can truly begin. Georgina feels a responsibility to help, while Cinder is vehemently against returning to their former home. Instead, she embarks on a dangerous treasure hunt that could cost her everything. Faced with a deadly threat, Cinder pushes everyone around her away just when she needs them most.

Friendships are tested. Risky alliances forged. Yet as storm clouds darken Cinder’s future, one thing becomes painfully clear: Her home is taking on water, and time to save the people she loves is running out.

🔸 f/f partnership🔸

🔸 lots of adventure, tension🔸

🔸 lots of gore and violence🔸

🔸 pirates!🔸


This is the second instalment of the Pirate and her Princess and the adventure continues!

Captain Cinder and Princess George have already been on a long journey to get where they are. In the first book we found out they were childhood friends… then they were reunited and took to the high seas in a whirl of adventure, danger and intrigue.

Once again, these two strong and amazing women are facing trouble. What they truly want is to begin a new life together… but they both have history, challenges and things that must be overcome. This is basically a pirate romance with a ton of adventure. It’s got fair amount of violence – so don’t let the pretty woman on the cover fool you with her appearance. This is a fierce book!

As the two main characters both struggle to try and make a life for themselves, they are sometimes at cross-purposes. They have the same destination in mind, but their path to get there is vastly different. Cinder and George compliment each other nicely – they come from different worlds and have to be able to create a shared space somewhere for future; somewhere they can both be who they are.

Just like in the first book, there are nasty problem they have to face, fierce friends, misunderstandings and a lot of drama and adventure. I felt as thought Unbroken filled in some of the details of the world that Temple created in the first book. There’s a wonderful flow from the first book into this one… and I have no doubt the same will happen going forward into a third book!

Great adventure with strong female character – and amazing non-binary supporting character.


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I received an ARC of Unbroken by All Temple from the author in exchange for an unbiased review.

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