REVIEW: French Kiss (Flying Into Love #1) by C.F. White


Can an uptight Englishman be persuaded to leave his city for rustic French kissing?

Clean-cut London businessman Dale Calverley doesn’t do relationships.

Rugged French handyman Valentin Aubrey doesn’t do city men.

When Dale hires Valentin to help him fix up his inherited farmhouse estate in rural France and sell to the highest bidder, sparks fly.

Complete opposites, can they really expect their insta-lust to last beyond the storm that forces them together?

But how can Dale walk away from a man so alluringly rogue as Valentin Aubrey?

And how can Valentin expect a man so money-orientated to throw away his career and stay in the wilderness with him?

French Kiss (Flying into Love #1) is a Contemporary, Age-Gap, Hurt/Comfort, Forced Proximity MM Romance featuring an uptight English businessman with a preference for nameless hook ups and a rugged half-French handyman with a chequered past.


🔸 opposites attract🔸

🔸 age-gap, forced proximity🔸

🔸 death of parent (off page) and unsettled relationship issues🔸

🔸 quick love, fun🔸


I have read a few of White’s books and I’m a fan. French Kiss is the beginning of a new series that I will look forward to. It seems as though in each story, the main character will be flying into a new town/city/circumstances. In this case Dale leaves behind an important account to fly to France and sell his father’s house.

What Dale flies into is nothing like what he was expecting. He’s leaving a fast life in London packed with business meetings, phone calls and a compete lock of commitments to anyone in the love department.

When he arrives at his father’s home, he’s shocked to find that it’s hardly a residence at all by his standards. After a catastrophic arrival which involves him having to shed his clothes because of mud – he comes face to face with the other thing he wasn’t expecting: French handyman, Valentin.

It turns out that Dale didn’t just have a bad relationship with his father, he suddenly feels as though he didn’t know him at all. Nothing is as he expected and his father’s unique friendship with Valentin is something that Dale has trouble processing.

The relationship in this book progresses quickly. There’s an instant attraction and the two men are forced to cohabitate for a while which eases things along. I enjoyed some of the teasing and that there are some French phrases in the book. I speak French so I found it to be a bit of extra fun! You don’t need to speak French to read the book but it’s funny 😀

Great romance with some steamy love scenes and just the right amount of angst.



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I received an ARC of French Kiss by CF. White from the author in exchange for an unbiased review.

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