REVIEW: The Magic Between by Stephanie Hoyt

In a world where everyone has magic coursing through them, legend says magic itself craves a mate. Legend says those with opposite magics have the greatest chance of forming the unbreakable Bond it desires.

A.B. Cerise is an obsessive compulsive pop star with the ability to turn invisible. He’s an out bisexual with absolutely no belief in Bonds. He has a love-bruised heart, thinks dating in the spotlight is a hassle at best and a nightmare at worst, and has no intention of going through it all over again.

Matthew Hellman-Levoie is the NHL’s number one goalie prospect, the youngest in a hockey dynasty, and one of the rare few who can see the unseeable. He’s a straight man who wears his heart on his sleeve, has grown up searching for a Bond, and dreams of finding the love of his life.

Legend never said anything about what to do when sparks fly between two people opposite in more ways than just magic.


🎤 a pop star

🏒 a hockey player

💘 opposites attract

🪄 world in which people have magic


The Magic Between by Stephanie Hoyt is set in a world in which everyone has magical abilities. People grew up with the legend that they could “bond” with one another… varieties of magic … opposites magics may even enhance that bond. But, as with many things, there are people who believe and people who don’t.

AB Cerise is a famous pop star who in addition to great talent, lives with OCD. He’s out about his bisexuality but hasn’t come out about his type of magic. His ability is that he can turn invisible. Having gone through a bad breakup, he is pretty much anti-relationship. He has great friends the press loves to pair him up with and that works for him. Bonds? No way! Not with his heartbreak still lingering.

Matthew Hellman-Levoie is a top-level goalie prospect in the NHL. He’s straight, sweet, and a believer in bonds. His search for a bond has become a bit of a joke to his friends; the fond teasing is taking its toll though.

When AB and Matthew meet, sparks fly – literally and figuratively. Thus begins AB and Matthew’s journey. Sparks may be an indicator that the two of them have a bond… and so is the act that AB spontaneously goes invisible in Matthew’s presence. You see, Matthew can see the “unseeable” and he sees AB even when he’s invisible.

This book is very sweet. The main character’s relationship is characterized by quirky and charming dialogue, tender moments of discovery and friendship.

This is a lovely story and I quite enjoyed it. There were some times when I felt there was a little too much telling rather than showing, but it didn’t both me a lot.

A good warm, cozy read! And, it’s peppered with wonderful illustrations that represent social media posts! A perfect side dish for a lovely romance.



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I received an ARC of The Magic Between  by Stephanie Hoyt from Ninestar Press via Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

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