REVIEW: Love Austen Series by Anyta Sunday

I picked up this series from Amazon because I was intrigued by the descriptions. I thought I would review each book as I’m reading them for fun!

Emerett Has Never Been In Love, book 01

Emerett (Lake) Has Never Been In Love is a great introduction to this series. Sunday brings their readers to a world of Jane Austen fans, quaint cottages, and wealthy families. There’s a bit of history, a lot of witty banter, and some authentic-feeling characters.

Lake’s best friend has gone and gotten himself married. Finding himself a bit at loose ends, Lake decides to play match-maker with friends. The only person who thinks that Lake’s idea isn’t great is his best friend’s father, Knight. Knight is always the one who thinks things through, sees things clearly, and remains down to earth. For flighty and passionate Lake – that’s impossible!

As Lake forges ahead with his plan, he begins to get things all kinds of wrong. He also finds himself wondering why Knight is single. Knight is a lovely, handsome, intelligent, and amusing man – so why hasn’t he dated anyone as long as Emerett has known him?

This book is fun, comical, and light on angst. Even the mistakes that Lake makes are often amusing rather than angsty. I loved that the characters move on with their lives quickly as they cajole each other into getting over things.

A great start to the series!

Cameron Wants To Be a Hero, book 02

Lake’s friend Cameron is a romance expert – when it comes to books. In-person, Cameron is shy and struggles to connect. When he meets an intriguing neighbour who lives at the mansion Cameron has always believed is haunted… Cameron begins to realize how little he actually knows about romance.

I loved the characters in this part of the series. Cameron is sweet and a little bit on the naive side without being too innocent. The thing is, he lacks some of the self-confidence needed to realize that he is attractive to others.

School teacher, Henry is just the kind of person that will shake up Cameron’s life. He is funny, a bit daring, and interested in Cameron from the moment that they meet. Unfortunately, there are new neighbours in the picture who are renting Lake and Knight’s home. John very quickly sets his sites on Cameron and things get a bit tangled. It’s tricky to say no when you’re as sweet as Cameron!

I really enjoyed the way Henry and Cameron got to know one another in this book. There are text messages, emails, and penned letters because Henry recognizes early on that Cameron is more comfortable revealing his feelings in writing. This was a refreshing and lovely way to get to know a couple of characters.

This was a great story loosely based on Northanger Abby… as the author says “only gay.”

Bennet, Pride Before the Fall, Book #3

Don’t judge me, but I’ve never read Pride and Prejudice. In fact, I’ve never read a book by Austen at all. That didn’t stop me from loving Sunday’s version of the classic.

Bennet has returned to a small town to raise his younger brother Lyon. Lyon is a challenge, acting out, always trying to get a reaction from people and proudly out. Bennet wants to be a good role model for his little brother as he repairs their relationship so he sets about organizing the town’s first Pride Parade.

Darcy is Henry’s father from book 2 of the series. He is quite the opposite of Bennet and yet they keep finding themselves together. Darcy’s past is complicated, and he has certainly made mistakes with his son. He is trying to forge a better relationship with Henry and struggling to be around Bennet in any capacity.

What I liked most about this story was the luxuriously slow pace of Bennet and Darcy’s friendship. It was flawed and interesting, just the way a relationship should develop. There was no fast fall into love with one another and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lyon was an interesting character. He was definitely a challenge for Bennet: pushing buttons whenever he was able. I loved the patience Bennet demonstrated constantly with Lyon and the way that their relationship changed over the course of the story.

I think this may have been my favourite of the three books so far!

If you’re looking for a fun series to read, this is a good one. I can’t wait for more books now!

I purchased this series  by Anyta Sunday.

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