Review: The Lost Coast by Amy Rose Capetta

The short blurb bit: Danny seems to have been looking for something without really knowing it. She has moved with her mother to a small town called Tempest. She falls in with a group of friends called The Grays without knowing that they may have actually brought her there.

The Grays are a coven of young witches who have lost their friend, Imogen. Danny – it seems may have exactly the magical skill that they need to get Imogen back. There are forces working against them though, and all of them may be in danger.

The descriptive bit: Danny and the Grays inhabit a world where magic lives and breathes and gets tangled up in people’s’ bodies. Capetta waves a beautiful tale of magic, love, exploration, and coming of age. When Danny arrives in Tempest, she doesn’t know that there is magic inside her. The Grays take her under their wings and teach her to listen to her instincts.

Magic is like love. You see how other people do it, you have the stories and instructions they leave behind, but then you have to figure out how you do it.

The Grays have lost their friend and coven-member, Imogen. Danny brings with her, the exact magic that is needed to help find Imogen and restore things to the way they were. The Grays are diverse and wonderful: Lelia is a non-binary asexual nature lover who collects buttons, June is a Filipino lesbian with a physical disability, Hawthorn is black and bisexual and finally, Rush lives with Synesthesia, plays the Cello and hums her magical spells.

As the search for Imogen begins, the mystery deepens. Soon, there are two dead boys, a frightened little sister and Danny is finding herself drawn to one particular Gray.

This is a little bit mystery, a little bit love story and a lot magical.

My thoughts bit: The writing in this novel is exquisite. It reads much more like poetry than prose. In particular, I enjoyed the descriptions of nature: the giant Redwoods, the wind, and rain, the ocean… Capetta writes with such detail that the reader can paint a vivid mental picture of the landscape.

I struggled a little with the time jumps and the switching points of view. The cast of characters was a bit complex.

I did feel that all of the characters were fully fleshed out and given the respect of having their own personalities and quirks. I enjoyed getting to know them.

The warnings bit: Mentions death, injuries, physical disability.

I received an ARC of this book by Amy Rose Capetta from Candlewick Press via NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

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