MM romance

REVIEW: Arctic Wild by Annabeth Albert

The descriptive bit: It's Reuben Graham's birthday and he's being dragged out to the wilderness for a retreat. When his friends bail at the last-minute, he decides to head on the trip by himself. His guide is local, Toby Kooly. Reuben notices quickly that Toby is attractive, fun, interesting ... and way too young for him. On… Continue reading REVIEW: Arctic Wild by Annabeth Albert


“World Without End”: Epic Mini Series

Ken Follett's much-loved novel "World Without End" was made into a mini-series.  It can be difficult to capture the depth of a novel; a challenge to find the same pace and ability to build character.  This mini-series is spot-on.  If you need a little bit of excitement to entice you well - there are epic… Continue reading “World Without End”: Epic Mini Series