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REVIEW: Up North (Compass Stars #1) by Allison Temple

The last thing Jack Spencer wants to be is a fishing guide for rich tourists. But with a sister in need of help and nothing but a rusty fishing boat to his name, he takes a job at The Wild Eagle Lodge, Alaska’s newest luxury resort. When a scandal rocks his career, movie star Damian… Continue reading REVIEW: Up North (Compass Stars #1) by Allison Temple

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REVIEW: Uncharted by Alli Temple

The Official Description: In a world of arrogant nobles and their punishing laws, Georgina will be hanged if anyone discovers she is a spy. But when the wicked prince proposes marriage, Georgina must accept. Refusing would expose the secrets she has delivered to a hidden resistance and forfeit her life. With her wedding day looming… Continue reading REVIEW: Uncharted by Alli Temple

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Winter Wonderland Story Giveaway!

I don't want anyone to miss this! Some super-generous authors are giving away their stories! It's a great time to get some new reading material, right? Follow the link below and get some of your fave m/m romance author's work! From Prolific Works: Over 180 Gay Romance authors have come together to give you a… Continue reading Winter Wonderland Story Giveaway!

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REVIEW: Boyfriend with Benefits by Allison Temple

The Official Description: When Bailey’s new boss turns out to be his childhood bully, a.k.a. Jake the Jerk, it’s time to call in backup for the upcoming corporate retreat in Vegas. Too bad Bailey works too much to date. His best option is to ask his very straight roommate Gordo to play the part of temporary… Continue reading REVIEW: Boyfriend with Benefits by Allison Temple

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REVIEW: Honeymoon Sweet by Allison Temple

The Official Description: Doug is a cheese pizza kind of guy. A honeymoon cruise around the Caribbean is the most adventurous thing he’s ever done. Going on that honeymoon alone is unthinkable, but here he is, with a luxury suite and a broken heart. Tripp is a hopeless romantic. He’s in a sinking relationship that’s… Continue reading REVIEW: Honeymoon Sweet by Allison Temple

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REVIEW, Release blitz and GIVEAWAY!: Work-Love Balance by Allison Temple

The Official Description:The customer always comes first, but IT consultant Brady Jansen loves to hate Nash O’Hara. Except the fine line between hate and attraction means sometimes Brady can’t help it when he crosses the boundary between professional and personal. Recently divorced, workaholic Nash knows he’s hard to please. When the smart-mouthed IT consultant he… Continue reading REVIEW, Release blitz and GIVEAWAY!: Work-Love Balance by Allison Temple

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REVIEW: Irises in the Snow by Isabelle Adler

The Official Description: It’s Christmas, and Justin’s life is fraying at the edges. The family business he took over instead of going to art school is bleeding money, and his boyfriend of seven months cheated on him. Under these circumstances, family gatherings can be rough, but Justin believes he has everything under control. That is, until… Continue reading REVIEW: Irises in the Snow by Isabelle Adler


Now Available: Hot Potato!

    Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link - Exclusive to Amazon and Available to Borrow With Kindle Unlimited Length: 80,000 words approx. Cover Design: Cate Ashwood Designs Seacroft Series Book #1 - Top Shelf - Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link Book #2 - Cold Pressed - Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link Blurb As Seacroft’s resident weirdo, Avery proudly flies a lot of freak… Continue reading Now Available: Hot Potato!