REVIEW: Honeymoon Sweet by Allison Temple

The Official Description: Doug is a cheese pizza kind of guy. A honeymoon cruise around the Caribbean is the most adventurous thing he’s ever done. Going on that honeymoon alone is unthinkable, but here he is, with a luxury suite and a broken heart.

Tripp is a hopeless romantic. He’s in a sinking relationship that’s been taking on water for months. He’d throw in the towel if he had one, but he’s naked and locked out of his room.

No one should be on a cruise alone, and Tripp has a simple solution: he and Doug will pretend to be husbands and enjoy everything a week of sea and sun has to offer. But as the days and nights heat up, can a cheese pizza kind of guy be brave enough to give love a second chance?

Honeymoon Sweet is a 63k contemporary MM romance. It’s sweet enough to require a trip to the dentist, and hot enough you’ll need a swim to cool off when it’s over. HEA guaranteed.

Just the facts: M/M romance, fake husbands on a cruise

This was comical, cute and sweet. There are sad parts…but the care and comfort between these two characters was lovely           – Kinzie Things

My thoughts bit: Oh this book! I tell ya, there’s something about Allison Temple’s writing that gets me every time! “Honeymoon Sweet” is book two in her “Out & About” series. I was book one “Work/Love balance” and really enjoyed it, but this one I loved even more!

We being with Doug who is on his honeymoon cruise. The issue is that he’s on it alone because his partner Calvin left him at the altar … by sending him a text message that said: “never mind”. Ouch: my poor heart. Doug went on the cruise anyway. What could it hurt? He had a schedule booked with his ex in mind and a lovely honeymoon suite with a balcony.

On the first day of his cruise, Doug discovers a naked, gorgeous man in the hallway near his room. His name is Tripp and he is grateful to have Doug rescue him and lend him a robe. Tripp had a disagreement with his boyfriend Liam. When Liam stormed out, Tripp followed him only to have the door close and strand him in the hallway.

It’s just the beginning. Tripp is really unhappy with his relationship and the final straw is Liam working all the time… it’s a cruise! It was supposed to fix things… but as fate would have it, it does just the opposite and makes Tripp realize their relationship is over.

Through an amusing twist of events, Tripp offers to be Doug’s fake cruise husband. Why not? They can just have fun, go to all the events and there’s a pull-out couch in Doug’s fancy suite. I know you have probably read other books with this type of plot…but this one is definitely worth reading. I liked the idea that these two men were both at a bit of a loss and thought that maybe by cheering one another up, they might be able to salvage a great trip.

What did I like about this novel? The characters!! Tripp is a fun-loving, quick-witted, bundle of joy and I loved his character. He was funny and charming from the moment he was introduced and I could totally see why Doug would be drawn to him. Doug was interesting in a completely different way. He was really hurt by what happened and the emotions in the novel were palpable. There had been a lot of loss in Doug’s life and I have to admit that I teared up a couple of times. It was very real and believable!

I also really enjoyed the banter between Tripp and Doug as they got to know one another. It was really amusing when they got into odd little situations because – for obvious reasons – they didn’t know things about each other.

The sex scenes were steamy, well-written and happened at the perfect time in the novel!

This is a great book and a good second installment in the series! I will definitely continue to read this one!

Things You May Want To Know: Please be aware, I’m by no means an expert on what may or may not have the potential to disturb people. I simply list things that I think a reader might want to be aware of. In this book: (SPOILERS) mentions father dying of cancer, break up, a character is left at the altar.

Readalikes: Other stories that are similar or give the same feel.

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I received an ARC of Honeymoon Sweet by in exchange for an unbiased review.

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