REVIEW: Tell My Our Story by Anyta Sunday

Icy, standoffish Jonathan Hart always turned towards that laugh. Full-throated, uninhibited, addictive.

Soft smiles encouraging him over swing bridges. Hearty chuckles dancing around a ballroom. Wobbly grins. Double-glances. Eyes that brightened the world. His world.
From the moment he met David O’Hara, Jonathan started forming a smile of his own.

And then O’Hara left.
One lingering look.
No last goodbye.

Seven years later, that laugh again.

Full-throated, uninhibited.


O’Hara. Still all fire and flame, still drawing Jonathan in.

And now he wants Jonathan paired with him in a seven-week social influencing challenge.

Now, he wants to finish melting his heart…

~ ~ ~

“Tell Me Our Story” is a second chance, friends-to-lovers gay romance. This is a standalone, no cliffhanger story with HEA.

Tropes: second chances bromance, friends to lovers, soul mates, opposites attract, slow burn, sunny and serious, unexpected virgin, forced proximity, one true love, first love / only love, lovers in denial, destined to be together


🏳️‍🌈 Contemporary M/M romance

🖊 beautifully written, original

🕺 dancer, social media influencers

🔥 slow burn…but SO worth the wait

I usually love Anyta Sunday’s books, but this one is probably my favourite! Tell Me Out Story may have some tropes in it, but there’s a lot that I found very original about it as well.

O’Hara and Jonathan were friends… probably best friends… maybe more. They brought joy to each other’s lives when they were young. But things went unsaid, perhaps things were confusing and too new and O’Hara left.

Now, he is back in Jonathan’s life and it seems like his emotions have been poured into a blender! One of the things that I absolutely adored about this book was the way in which Sunday manages to illustrate the beautiful closeness of the friendship between these two men. The author’s writing almost mimics the way that a couple may finish each other’s thoughts.. drawing you in until you suddenly find you are completely invested in the relationship!

There were moments in this story when I felt that burning ache in my chest because I could “feel” exactly what Jonathan was feeling. I do enjoy a well-written character and this book certainly has that.

I know some people may find the slow-burn nature of this one challenging but it didn’t bother me at all. I will admit it took me a little while to get use to the writing style. Once I did, I thoroughly enjoyed it. As I said before, I found it very immersive and thoroughly enjoyable!

These characters and this story have stuck with me. There are some very palpable emotions revealed along the way and I found some of them difficult to shake off. I consider that to the sign of a well-written book! Highly recommend this one… and let me say, how beautifully the cover art reflects the plot!



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I received an ARC of Tell Me Out Story  by Anyta Sunday from Gay Romance Reviews in exchange for an unbiased review.

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