REVIEW: Aussie Sun (Flying Into Love #4) by C.F. White


Can a splash of Aussie sun sway a retired MP to vote one last time…for love?

Retired English MP Jeffrey Gandy has had enough. Of people. Of politics. Of pursuing love. After a lifetime in the public eye, he’s on extended leave in Australia to renew his bond with his long-lost daughter.

Aussie swimming coach Hunter Ford has a race to win. This time he’s out of the pool, and fighting the developers determined to make him and his rescue animals homeless. Without the money to afford a lawyer, he’s no choice but to bury his head in the golden sand of his beloved bay.

When Jeffrey forms an unlikely friendship with his daughter’s swimming coach, the twenty-eight year age gap should be enough of a deterrent for him not to get involved, no matter how gorgeous the athlete with a heart of gold is.

Both Jeffrey and Hunter have been burned before, so trust doesn’t come as easy as their mutual attraction. But Jeffrey is meant to be in Australia for his daughter, not to chase young men as he’s reminded time again by his ex-wife.

Can Hunter make Jeffrey realise he’s allowed to fall in love too? And can he do it before Hunter’s persuaded away by someone else…someone who doesn’t have his best interests at heart?

Aussie Sun (Flying into Love #4) is a contemporary, low angst, slow-burn, Age-Gap, MM romance featuring a disgraced English MP hiding from his mistakes and a happy-go-lucky Aussie animal-lover with a desperate need to please.



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I’m a fan of C.F. White’s writing… that’s a certainty. This is one of my favourite additions to the “Flying Into Love” series so far. I think I liked that it is really character driven. Even though this book went zipping past once I started it, I felt as though I had spent a lot of time with the characters … certainly enough time to be invested in their relationship.

Jeffrey is a retired MP from Britain. He was disgraced and basically chose retirement and an opportunity to move to Australia and get to know and parent the daughter he has become estranged from. Once he arrives in Australia he meets neighbour Hunter who turns out to be Jeffrey’s daughter’s swim coach. Oh goodness… the tangles.

This book is lovely. The friendships are the kind that I love … spicy, honest and a little bit meddling. Some of the supporting characters provide a delightful amount of snark and humour. I always enjoy that.

Hunter is wonderful! He’s a genuinely nice guy who loves animals and has a dream. He’s also really attracted to Jeffrey. Jeffrey has spent the previous years of his life living a very different life from Hunter. Jeffrey married Penny even though he knew he was gay. It just wasn’t something he felt that he could be in public … until it just happened. Then Jeffrey was left picking up the pieces of his life and dealing with the reputation he had gained by publically coming out. He’s made a lot of mistakes, but I believed he was genuinely trying to turn things around.

The two main characters worked so well together. There was some lovely instant chemistry and while it moved quickly, I didn’t ever feel left behind. I was rooting for the two men even though I was also desperately wanting Jeffrey to reclaim his place as a father.

Love C.F. White’s writing – it’s always wonderful… and this story is particularly touching.



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I received an ARC of Aussie Sun by C.F. White from the author in exchange for an unbiased review.

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