REVIEW: Like A Hurricane by Jonathan Bécotte

A young teen’s secret is tearing him apart.

He knows he is gay but is afraid to share this knowledge with his parents or his friends. What if they reject him? And what can he do with the feelings he has for his childhood friend w

hen he knows his friend does not feel the same way? The turmoil continues to rise with the force of a hurricane―total destruction seems almost certain.

Told in beautiful, evocative prose with its unique design, Like A Hurricane is a visually stunni

ng exploration of what it means to be true to one’s self.


📕 Artistic and fitting format

📘 Emotional

📙 Suitable for many ages

📗 Lovely queer representation



It’s not often that a book comes along that feels as though the author is doing something really new and unique. I get excited when I see it. “Like A Hurricane” by Jonathan Bécotte is such a book. Told from the perspective of a young tween, this book is a glorious ride through the mind of a young person.

The narrator knows that he is gay and is pondering how to tell people. How does he know? How does he define himself? What will people think of him? What will his friends and family do if he says it out loud? All of these are such valid and authentic questions that young people may deal with. The beautiful prose combined with the unique layout of the book makes for a gem of a book.

The audience for this book is middle grade, but I would certainly give it as a gift to a person of any age who was considering coming out. I just loved the feel of it, the emotion, and the quiet importance of it.



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I received an ARC of Like A Hurricane by Jonathan Bécotte from Orca Books via Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

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