REVIEW: All the Wrong Reasons by Sebastian Hansen

The day after telekinetic supervillain (and billionaire philanthropist), Stetson Nadenheimer dies, he wakes up on the autopsy table and falls in lust with the man hired to cut his cold, dead corpse open. The problem is that the forensic pathologist is Doctor Julian Dandridge, the part-time superhero, Scatter. It’s probably a bad idea for a supervillain to get into bed with a superhero. Probably.

Not that it stops him, but trying to start a relationship with a reluctant hero without getting caught turns out to be easier said than done. Between midnight meetings over games of checkers and kinky secrets, Stetson and Julian begin a tremulous romance. Unfortunately for them, there’s an actual villain watching from the shadows, waiting for Stetson to stumble.

Great story! I was expecting another superhero book but I got a lot more than that. Stetson is a billionaire playboy who is a secret robin-hood type villain… Julian is a superhero with powers he can barely control. When they meet, it’s under very unusual and, I have to admit, amusing circumstances.

There’s a lot in this novel I didn’t expect. There is a BDSM relationship with some well thought out, and authentic feeling discussions regarding the scene. One character is new to BDSM and the other had limited experience. The author does a great job of writing about “safe, sane & consensual” BDSM. Kudos!

The story is intriguing. There are some twists and turns and a bit of a mystery that weaves its way throughout the book. Each main character has a lot of turmoil and intrigue in their past and they both have a fair few blank spots. Where there are lost memories, there’s nearly always a reveal or two. You’ll definitely get that in this story!

Loved the main character, in particular, Stetson! All the characters are seamlessly diverse. There are no token characters in this story and I loved that

Highly recommend if you are interested in BDSM, or simply a good queer romance with an intricate and satisfying plot!

I received an ARC of All The Wrong Reasons  by Sebastian Hansen from Ninestar Press via Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

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