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One cranky man-child. One snooty artist recluse. Total trouble.

The Infinite Onion by Alice Archer

Publisher: Shine Even If

Release Date: March 31, 2020

Length (Print & Ebook): Print: 388 pages

Subgenre: Contemporary gay romance

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The Official Description: The truth is harder to hide when someone sharp starts poking around.

Grant Eastbrook hit the ground crawling after his wife kicked him out. Six months later, in Seattle without a job or a place to live, he escapes to the woods of nearby Vashon Island to consider his options. When he’s found sleeping outdoors by a cheerful man who seems bent on irritating him to death, Grant’s plans to resuscitate his life take a peculiar turn.

Oliver Rossi knows how to keep his fears at bay. He’s had years of practice. As a local eccentric and artist, he works from his funky home in the deep woods, where he thinks he has everything he needs. Then he rescues an angry man from a rainy ditch and discovers a present worth fighting the past for.

Amid the buzz of high summer, unwelcome attraction blooms on a playing field of barbs, defenses, and secrets.

Standalone romance. HEA.

Just the facts:  Drama, suspense, mystery all wrapped up in a story about a relationship.

This book is a remarkable journey. It’s intelligent, emotional, funny at times and always complex. I loved every moment of this story. – Kinzie Things

My thoughts bit:  This book is remarkable. I loved every sentence of this book and can’t wait for a little time to pass so that I can read it again. The plot is intriguing and well thought out, the characters are absolutely a delight… so intricate and involved. This is one that I would highly recommend! Let me tell you. few things about why I think this is so great.

One of the best things about this novel are the characters. That may seem like an odd thing to say, but not every novel has great characters. The two main characters in The Infinite Onion are engaging and unique.

Grant is divorced from his wife at the beginning of the story and loses his job. With no place to live and little in terms of resources or will, he sneaks off to set up residence at his ex-wife’s cabin. Soon enough though his ex-brother in law turns up because they have a security camera set up on the property. This leaves Grant with nowhere to go. He really is at rock bottom. The one light in his life is his nephew, Kai. Kai adores his Uncle and there’s something going on with him that Grant can’t put his finger on.

When Grant and Kai fall asleep in a ditch, they awaken to an over-bearing, sunshiny, hilarious man named Oliver. Oliver rescues them from the rain but boy… does he irritate Grant from the moment they get together.

Oliver is hilarious… so full of energy and a bit complicated. When he’s first introduced, he’s rescuing Grant and Kai from the rain and introduces them to his crazy, eclectic house. It’s full of the artwork that Oliver creates. It’s overfilled with all kinds of crazy things, not the least of which is its resident.

I loved the abrasive tension between Olliver and Grant. The fact that they click in a positively grating way is so enjoyable to read. Oliver is patient and firm at first… Grant is frustrated and not amused. Oliver thinks that he can help Grant get his life back on track. They enter into a contract… which is the most amazing thing I’ve ever read. In exchange for some self-portraits, some artwork, and daily journaling … Oliver will help Grant out with some of the necessities of life.

There’s a lot of loss in this book but what’s remarkable is how the characters have continued to try and survive. Grant has lost almost everything and he’s so very lost that he can’t even manage to find his way back again. It’s quite sad to read, but there is a sweetness in him and a hope that is very subtle. Oliver is still grieving from multiple losses.

Oliver has managed to immerse himself in a world of people who have learned how to work together as a cohesive unit. There’s give and take – a small community that accepts the things that have happened in peoples’ pasts. But, this comfortable world can hide the wounds that still haven’t been healed. And that’s the second theme really… .living with wounds, trauma until they become so used to it that’s it’s just a part of you and yet you find ways to avoid it.

Oliver and Grant are both dealing with very different things… but the way they push each other means that things are starting to rattle loose. All of their interactions in the novel are intense and meaningful.

I would absolutely recommend this book! It’s one of the best I’ve read this year for certain and will be added to my list of favorites.

Things You May Want To Know: Please be aware, I’m by no means an expert on what may or may not have the potential to disturb people. I simply list things that I think a reader might want to be aware of. In this book: (SPOILERS) description of past suicide, homelessness, verbal abuse, lying, dishonesty, intense emotions, intense memories.

Praise for The Infinite Onion:

I loved this book! – Christa Désir, Award-Winning Author

There are writers whose prose is so vivid and so emotionally resonant, that you might briefly forget you’re reading a work of fiction, and while Alice Archer has already proven that her hand is as elegant as it is masterful, her newest novel continues to show real insight into the human soul. – Natasha is a Book Junkie

The Infinite Onion was a powerful and relevant story which touched our hearts immensely. – Totally Booked Blog

I loved this book! This is a brilliant story. So fulfilling. I laughed and cried. I kept sneaking away to read another chapter. I loved the atmosphere and artistry of the characters and the setting. This is exactly the sort of romance novel I look for. The Infinite Onion is the real deal–deep and deeply satisfying. -Kelly Jensen, Award-Winning Author


About Alice Archer:

Alice has questions. Lots of questions. Scheming to put fictional characters through the muck so they can get to a better place helps her heal and find answers. She shares her stories with the hope that others might find some healing too. For decades, Alice has messed about with words professionally, as an editor and writing coach. She also travels a bunch. Her home base is Eugene, Oregon.

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I needed a hobby, a leisure activity to distract my forebrain while I did the deeper mental work of persuading myself to look for a job. Walking was my first choice for a hobby, but I wasn’t eating enough to be able to hike all day.

I could check on Oliver. That might be entertaining.

The barely visible track I’d camped on headed in the general direction of Oliver’s house. I followed it and about ten minutes later caught sight of the house’s blue siding through the foliage. I stopped to lift the small pair of binoculars I’d hung around my neck.

Wait. I lowered the binoculars for an emergency ethics check. Did I condone spying on Oliver? It’s a passing whim, I reasoned. After paying for groceries and the motel, I’d be down to my last few dollars and I’d have to leave Vashon. Even a crap job on Vashon to keep me supplied with beans and weekly overnights at the motel to shower wouldn’t be enough when summer ended and the rain settled in. Plus, I did want something bigger for my life. Rusted-out gears began to turn deep inside at the idea of simple work in nature. The sturdy tree at my back gave me a nudge. I could explore tree planting on the peninsula, or trail maintenance in a national park.

“Thanks, buddy.” I patted the tree and crept closer to Oliver’s house.



I received an ARC of The Infinite Onion by Alice Archer from Shine Even If via A Novel Take Promotions  in exchange for an unbiased review.

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