REVIEW: Out of Time by C.B. Lewis

The Official Description: For Ben Sanders—traitor, thief, and temporal orphan—time is running out.

After three years as a fugitive, with the police task force led by Lysander O’Donohue and Jacob Ofori hot on his heels, Ben has to resort to desperate measures to evade capture and find the key to locating his missing father, lost in time for over two decades. With secrets and conspiracies at every turn, the net grows ever tighter around him.

Haunted by the people he betrayed, the loved ones he left behind, and the lives he ruined, it’s too late to stop now. But no matter what Ben does, there’s no escaping his past.

With this exciting conclusion to the Out of Time series, it is recommended to read the first four books for full enjoyment.

Just the facts: Science Fiction, Diverse Characters, M/M primary partnership, Last book in “Out of Time” series

This series was a great ride! Time travel, missing family members, spies… and a lot of twists!- Kinzie Things

My thoughts bit: This is the final installment in Lewis’ “Out of Time” series. I have enjoyed this series, and this final novel is no exception to that.

This part of the series focusses on Ben Sanders. He’s still on the run, hiding from his friends and colleagues and more significantly he is separated from his lover, Enoch. Enoch has stayed with the Time Institute… with a mission of keeping an eye on Matt.

There are a lot of characters in this series and most of them appear in this final installment. It’s nice because Lewis has put a real effort into tying up all the storylines – one way or another. Ben Saunders remains one of my favorite characters. He’s been single-minded about finding his father. For three years he’s been on the run, trying to understand where his father disappeared and why he hasn’t been able to track him down. His character is interesting not just because of his focus on his father’s disappearance, he also suffers from PTSD. He’s plagued by nightmares and an intense fear fo the dark.

The relationship between Enoch and Ben is endearing and engaging. I really wanted them to be able to find happiness. I attribute that to great writing by Lewis… the characterizations in this series are great. Ben and Enoch have found each other in spite of time and history and whatever is in the future.

Read the entire series! the time commitment is well worth it. If you’re like me and like knowing that you’re sitting down to begin a novel that is the first in a delectable series then this is one you will want to pick up.

Things You May Want To Know: Please be aware, I’m by no means an expert on what may or may not have the potential to disturb people. I simply list things that I think a reader might want to be aware of. In this book: (SPOILERS) family drama, PTSD, panic attack, multiple head injuries, people confined against their will, supporting character deaths (off page).

Readalikes: Other stories that are similar or give the same feel.

  • Time Waits (Out of Time #1) by C.B. Lewis
  • Time Lost (Out of Time #2) by C.B. Lewis
  • Time Taken (Out of Time #3) by C.B. Lewis

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I received an ARC of Out of Time by C.B. Lewis from NineStar Press via NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

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