Out Today! Mercutio by J.L. Davenport

Mercutio by J.I. Davenport

Release date: November 25, 2019
Genre: Historical, Queer/LGBTQ+ Literary Fiction

Links: Amazon  || Goodreads

Synopsis for Mercutio:

Return to the sensuous world of Romeo and Juliet to discover the story of Mercutio, Verona’s most flamboyant citizen!
Prancing on the sidelines of the bitter feud between the House of Montecchi and Capuleti, Mercutio harbours his own secret conflict: he is hopelessly in love with his best friend, Romeo Montecchi. When he spies true love blossoming between Romeo and a young Capuleti girl one fateful summer’s eve, Mercutio fears he has finally lost the man he loves, forever.

Turning to drink, drugs and ever wilder escapades in an effort to ease his aching heart, Mercutio starts to come off the rails, hurtling towards his own spectacular fate …

An Excerpt…

Alone, Mercutio wiped his eyes on his sleeve and sniffled. The beautiful words he’d heard exchanged in the orchard had moved him to tears; but they had also broken his heart. He had seen Romeo fall in love a hundred times before, and had always been there to pick him up when love knocked him down. But, tonight, he knew he’d witnessed something more. Something momentous. The girl on the balcony had not only professed to love Romeo, but had expressed it with all the passion and poetry that was characteristic of the man himself. She had matched him, rhyme for rhyme and simile for simile, and Romeo had been overwhelmed by the kindred nature of their souls. So much so that he had sworn to marry her. Tomorrow!

It wasn’t as though she was the first to return his affections. Mercutio recalled a comely baker’s daughter who’d been all too eager to exchange vows of everlasting love with Romeo; but their romance had fizzled out soon after the heatwave that year had given way to a drizzly September. Either that, or Romeo had already fallen for Bianca Vespeti — Mercutio couldn’t remember which — but that was the way it always went. Until now.

About the Author:

J.I. Davenport has a B.A. in English literature and creative writing from the University of Greenwich. He lives in London with his family and a tomcat named after Cesare Borgia, who he is forever trying to persuade not to invade Naples!

Author links: twitter || instagram || goodreads

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Contact: contact@bproudpr.com

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