REVIEW: A Vampire’s Redemption by Casey Wolfe

The descriptive bit: A Mage’s Power: Book 1 – Rowan is a Master Mage in. He has an enchantment shop, he studies for even more Masters exams and he spends time humoring the attention of his best friend and werewolf, Caleb. He bumps into Inquisitor Shaw one day on the street and they have an instant attraction with a fair amount of curiosity. Shaw has a huge secret that may well tear them all apart in the end.

A Vampire’s Redemption: Book 2 – A member of Shaw’s squad, Marcus is a vampiEverstrandre who has been gravely wounded and psychologically scarred by imprisonment. Caleb – Rowan’s werewolf bestie was the one who saved Marcus. At the moment they set eyes on each other, they knew that they were soulmates. There is still a lot of political intrigue in the land of the magical folk and more characters arrive on the scene!

My thoughts bit: These two books were a lot of fun! The first book introduces three of the main characters. Caleb is a wild and free werewolf with every-changing-colors in his hair and a penchant for being entirely too energetic. Rowan is a Master Mage whose skill with magic has made him a bit of a prodigy in the community. Shaw is undercover… working on both sides of the magical law and walking a fine line in terms of getting himself in danger.

The relationship between the three men is lovely. Caleb is so full of energy and I really enjoyed the way that Wolfe characterizes the werewolves. Rowan is the more reserved of the two men. He has some darkness in his past but Caleb keeps trying to urge him out into the world.

The world building in the first book is amazingly detailed. Wolfe outlines the various magical folks and the mundane without it becoming cumbersome. The magical schools are wonderfully detailed and intriguing: Conjuration, Enchantment, Alteration, Primal and Spirit. Mage’s must be tested in each of the types of magic… and Rowan is more focussed on his training than anything else… that is until he meets Shaw!

The second book takes a broader sweep of Everstrand. Shaw’s troop of friends shows up and social chaos ensues for the first third of the book. The politics continue in the second part of the trilogy. The magical folk are still in conflict with mundanes in some places… of course, this doesn’t apply to Shaw and his friends. I couldn’t help thinking of them as the Supernatural breakfast club in my head! A werewolf, a Mage, A centaur, an elf, and a witch!

I don’t want to go into great details about the mysteries that unfold during the course of both books because that would ruin the stories. Suffice it to say, Wolfe is a master of creating tension and plotting out detailed adventures for the supernatural gang! I’m definitely looking forward to reading the third book in this series!

A Mage’s Power is available now and A Vampire’s Redemption is out on May 31, 2019! Go here to get a copy: NineStar Press

The warnings bit: Please be aware, I’m by no means an expert on what may or may not have the potential to disturb people. I simply list things that I think a reader might want to be aware of. In these two books: multiples injuries, torture and abuse, blood play (minor), limb amputation, mentions and descriptions of PTSD.

I received an ARC of A Mage’s Power and A Vampire’s Redemption by Casey Wolfe from NineStar Press, LLC via NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

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