REVIEW: Made For You by Anyta Sunday

The descriptive bit: Ben McCormick is only twenty-four years old and already the legal guardian of his younger brother Milo. Their parents were killed and Ben is barely managing to stay afloat as he tries to parent his brother, work at an unsatisfying job and maintain some semblance of a social life. He wants to sell the family home – a home that he can’t face being inside and a home that his little brother loves. The home needs a lot of work done on it – and so does his relationship with his brother.

Enter Jack Pecker (yes, that’s his name), Milo’s teacher and a part-time contractor. He thinks Milo is a great kid and becomes even more curious when he meets Ben on his way to a parent/teacher interview.

Ben and Jack are definitely attracted to one another but fifteen years and the fact that Jack is one of Milo’s teachers keeps them at arm’s length. However, when Jack agrees to renovate the McCormick family home, the amount of time they spend together becomes a problem… for all of them.

My thoughts bit: This is a lovely, heart-warming story about family and finding your way through the curve-balls that life continually lobs.

Ben is overwhelmed with trying to raise an eleven-year-old but his love for his brother keeps him putting one foot in front of the other. What I loved most about the relationship between the brothers was the overwhelming sense of family that Sunday captured. They’re struggling through really heavy stuff, losing their parents, trying to find out how to be a family on their own, potentially moving away from the home that holds all their fondest memories. Ben and Milo are adorable, the way they interact with one another is endearing and humorous without seeming impossible.

Jack is an interesting character. He is living with his ex-partner (and his new lover) as he waits for his dream house to become available. He seems to believe that if he buys and renovates the perfect house it will become the home that he has always wanted. I loved reading about the slow progression of his feelings for Ben and fondest for Milo. It was beautiful to read the way that Jack managed to support Ben as he struggled without taking away his control or taking over.

This is a slow-burn of a love story, peppered with the perfect amount of attraction and sexual tension. I would recommend this book in a heartbeat! It made me tear up, made me laugh and made me sigh happily. Who could ask for more in a romance!?

Also? Adorable cover!

The warnings bit: Please be aware, I’m by no means an expert on what may or may not have the potential to disturb people. I simply list things that I think a reader might want to be aware of. In this book: description of accident, blood (minor).

I received an ARC of Made For You by Anyta Sunday from the author via NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

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