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REVIEW: Lovelorn by April-Jane Rowan

In Victorian England, within the sprawling countryside, a small village borders Lovelorn, a crystal kingdom inhabited by the Fair Folk that masquerades as a dense wood. Two unsuspecting mortals stray into the depths of this hidden world. Harry, a disgraced jockey, stumbles upon a Kelpie and seeks to bind him, intending to use him to… Continue reading REVIEW: Lovelorn by April-Jane Rowan

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REVIEW: Shadows And Dreams by Alexis Hall

The Official Description: I like my women like I like my whiskey: liable to kill me. The two parts of being a paranormal private investigator I could really do without are being forced to eat bananas by an animated statue with a potassium fixation, and being put on trial for murder by a self-appointed council of… Continue reading REVIEW: Shadows And Dreams by Alexis Hall