REVIEW: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back by Cyd Sidney

A stuffy composer meets a flirty ballet dancer. Can these opposites make music together, or will their dreams pull them apart?

📕 Ballet dancer and pianist

📘 both new to BDSM

📙 Casual to more serious

When Joshua races to fill in for a pianist at the ballet studio, he’s not prepared for how that may change things for him. On his way in, he literally bumps into a gorgeous man who ends up being the person leading the class. They have instant chemistry and as the book progresses, they discover a mutual  interest in BDSM.

Joshua: a pianist with a quiet side. He writes his own music but hasn’t really put himself out there.

Brandon: ballet dancer, promising his own company, full of energy


There’s a lot of sexual tension in this book – from the very moment that the men first meet. I loved the descriptions from Joshua’s point of view of the way that Brandon moves when he dances. I’ve spent a lot of time in dance studios in my lifetime and I really felt like I was watching him dance at times.

I’m partial to music and dance, so the images the author created with their words really worked for me. Some of the scenes were quite lyrical and I found myself caught up in that. I’m always a fan of artistic characters getting together as I feel as though there’s always a bit of an exploration of creativity in the story.


The pacing was a bit too fast for me. And the book is very light on plot. There’s nothing wrong with that if what you’re looking for is a sex heavy story with a lot of chemistry.

The BDSM is pretty casual and the couple are learning together. I’m always a bit concerned when BDSM is brought into a relationship without a great deal of education – but it’s a story after all.


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I received an ARC of One Step Forward, Two Steps Back by Cyd Sidney via Gay Romance Reviews in exchange for an unbiased review.

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