REVIEW: Corpsing by Kayleigh Marie Edwards

The Official Description: Kayleigh Marie Edwards has been entertaining and chilling audiences with her own eclectic mix of horror and comedy. Now, for the first time, this popular author has collected her works together, reviewing and revising each one to bring you the definitive versions of her unique tales.

From murderous children to nightmarish trips to an ill-fated zombie apocalypse, Corpsing will send you running for the light switch, but smiling as you do it.

Featuring the stories: Bitey Bachman, Bits and Bobs, Siren, Now You See Them, Skin, ‘S’ Day, Barry’s Last Day & ’Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Just the facts: dark comedy, horror, short stories

This book is a short journey into the darkly comedic mind and talent of Kayleigh Marie Edwards. It might not be a lot of words…but you won’t forget most of them! Intriguing and original! – Kinzie Things

My thoughts bit: If you’re a fan of short stories, in particular horror, then you should probably get a copy of Corpsing by Kayleigh Marie Edwards. I like the genre. It fits into my day… I love having a book on my kobo that I can sneak bits of without losing the plot.

These bite-sized stories of Kayleigh’s are the best combination of horror and humor. it’s a fine line that the author is walking but it’s pulled off well. Let’s face it, there’s something inherently amusing in many horror films. Kayleigh has captured that sardonic note in these stories and I really enjoyed them.

I think the standout story for me was the very first in the collection: Bitey Bachman. I’ve read a lot of zombies stories in my time and this one is probably one of my favorites. I actually stopped at one point and began to read it aloud to my partner. It was disturbing and amusing and entertaining all at the same time! Finally! A zombie story that made sense to me. They might not take over the world, but they can sure screw up your day!

This is quite a varied collection. Bits and Bobs reminds the reader that you may think you’ve made bad decisions when drunk…but things could always be worse. Now You See Them: some nightmares are real and you’re paranoid and terrified for a reason. ‘S’ Day: What if God had a bad day? No, really! What if he did? Barry’s Last Day: don’t make a snap judgment because revenge can backfire!

I won’t go into much detail because it would easily ruin the flow of some of these stories. They are well-written, excellently paced, and this is a very cohesive collection. Even though I knew to expect the unexpected even after the first story…I still found I was never quite able to guess what was going to happen and that was thoroughly enjoyable.

Corpsing is such a wonderful title for this collection. I know it as the term that actors use to describe when they can’t stop laughing and ruin a scene… and I assume that maybe one of the angles the author is going with. But let me tell you there are plenty of actual corpses in this short collection, so you won’t be disappointed if you’re a fan of horror.

I’m not going to list trigger warnings for this collection There would be a lot of them. But, let’s face it, it’s horror…there’s going to be death, violence, blood, and gore. There’s enough biting, killing, scaring, and blood for any horror aficionado.

Very enjoyable! I’ll definitely be looking for more from this author!

Instagram: Another great stand out in the world of bitey, killy, scary things!

Links: Goodreads //  The Publisher

I received an ARC of Corpsing by Kayleigh Marie Edwards from The Author in exchange for an unbiased review.


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