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The Official Description:


My assignment is simple: go to the Cape and seal the real estate deal for my most important client. No problem. I’m good at my job, I know how to close a sale, and this time won’t be any different.

Until I meet Sawyer, the sexy young bartender I accidentally kiss in the broom closet. Turns out, he’s one of the owners I’m here to negotiate with.

Okay, so that complicates things. As does the fact that he doesn’t want to sell. Or that we can’t keep our hands off each other despite being on opposite sides. And most of all… that I might be falling for him even though I know better. I’ve made the mistake of falling for a younger man before and I won’t do it again.


For me, family is everything, and nothing represents ours more than the Sea Sprite, the motel that’s been in my family for eighty years. Sure, others (cough*James*cough) may describe it as rundown or derelict or in desperate need of a wrecking ball. But I call it our legacy.

I’ve got plans — big plans to renovate the motel back to its vintage glory. The only thing standing in my way is James Allen, the fancy-shmancy lawyer from New York with his adorable smile, jaw dropping assets, and his client’s millions of dollars.

James seems hellbent on destroying my future.
But maybe there’s a way for us to build a new one together…

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Just the facts: M/M relationship, enemies to lovers, age difference

They met and clicked before they knew they were on opposite sides of a battle for Sawyer’s future. – Kinzie Things

My thoughts bit:

This book is part of the “after Oscar” series. You don’t have to have read the first books, but I’m sure you will be curious as some of the characters appear in this installment. I have not read the other books in the series and didn’t have any trouble … but I’m sure curious about the other books now!

This book begins back in the seaside town of McBride at the Sea Sprite. The Inn might be a bit run down but it’s got good bones and it has a lot of family history. Sawyer’s grandparents own the Inn and it’s been in his family for 70 plus years. He has done his research and is convinced that he can lead the way to the revitalization of the Inn. His plans are thorough enough that his grandparents proudly agree! And then things change.

When Sawyer’s grandparents both pass away, his Uncles want to sell the Inn to a developer. It goes again everything that Sawyer wants and believes but he is only one vote.

Sawyer works in the local tavern behind the bar. The night before a big meeting about the fate of the Inn, he meets James. The two men are instantly attracted to one another… for James, it’s about the passion that Sawyer shows for the town and it’s history. He spends far too long at the bar because he’s listening to Sawyer’s stories. After a very passionate kiss, and revealing their names to each other… James bolts suddenly.

Imagine the surprise when Sawyer comes face to face with James again the next morning at the meeting. James is the lawyer who is handling the offer that is about to take away Sawyer’s past from him.

This isn’t an unfamiliar plot, but I enjoyed the author’s take on it. What really worked for me was the difference between the two main characters. Sawyer might be the younger of the two men, but he has a very clear idea of how he wants to live his life. Uncharacteristically, he doesn’t want to head off to the big city… he’s happy where he is. His love for the Inn and it’s past inspires him and he has very solid ideas for the Inn.

James is very different. In spite of the fact that he seems to be a very successful lawyer, he doesn’t seem to be truly happy.  He has recently split from a long term partner and seems almost resigned to the life he has. He doesn’t “dislike” his life, but he seems almost disconnected from it. I can’t explain it except to say that his character is really well written.  He is sweet and gentle and I was quite taken with him.

There is a fair amount of misunderstanding and angst in this story. But that makes sense in the context of what is going on for Sawyer. I did like the way the characters continued to try and reach out to one another.

A really solid and sweet romance!

Things You May Want To Know: Please be aware, I’m by no means an expert on what may or may not have the potential to disturb people. I simply list things that I think a reader might want to be aware of. In this book: (SPOILERS) mentions the death of grandparents, grief, end of a relationship.


“What’ll you have?” he asked with eyes flashing. He’d just finished laughing at something his previous customer had said.

“Mai Tai,” I said automatically, wincing a little at the frivolous order. I glanced down the bar. Most folks were drinking draft beer or basic mixed drinks. There wasn’t an umbrella or pineapple garnish among them. For a second I wondered if I should have ordered something more manly, but then, of course, I had to stop and lecture myself about internalized sexism.

“You sure?” There was a note of hesitation in his voice.

I blinked up at him, ready to defend my drink order now that I was properly re-feminist-ed. But his furrowed brows weren’t teasing. They were concerned.

I frowned. “Yes. Very sure. Why?”

“Your face did a whole thing just now, like…” He paused and then shook his head. “Never mind,” he said, clearly deciding not to pursue the line of thought. “One Mai Tai coming right up.” His easy grin reappeared as he turned to make the drink.

I couldn’t help but watch. After all, he was standing right in front of me. Despite the summer weather, he wore blue jeans that were clearly in love with him. They hugged him close and caressed every damned inch of his long legs and tight ass. It was impossible not to notice the way the muscles of his butt moved underneath that soft denim.

My stomach did that flip again, except this time something squeezed even lower in my gut. Something close to desire.

“The view costs extra,” he said over his shoulder. My face ignited as I realized he’d been watching me in the mirror behind the bar and had noticed me staring. I immediately dropped my eyes to my clasped hands on the lacquered surface of the bar. Since when did I perv on bartenders? Especially young ones who were clearly so outside my age range that it bordered on embarrassing.

When the drink appeared in front of me, I forced myself to look up. “Sorry about that,” I said, still feeling hot in the face.

He winked at me. “I was just kidding.” His grin spread slowly across his face, and he leaned in ever so slightly before adding, “For you, the view is free.”

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About Lucy:

After enjoying creative writing as a child, Lucy didn’t write her first novel until she was over 40 years old. Her debut novel, Borrowing Blue, was published in the autumn of 2016. Lucy has an English Literature degree from Vanderbilt University, but that doesn’t hold a candle to the years and years of staying up all night reading tantalizing novels on her own. She has three children, plays tennis, and hates folding laundry. While her husband is no shmoopy romance hero, he is very good at math, cooks a mean lasagne, has gorgeous eyes, looks hot in his business clothes, and makes her laugh every single day.

Lucy hopes you enjoy sexy heroes as much as she does. Happy reading!

Connect with Lucy:
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About Molly:

Molly Maddox is the pen name for a New York Times bestselling author who started writing at an early age because her older sister, Lucy Lennox, was a writer and Molly wanted to be like Lucy in all ways (she still does). When she’s not writing, Molly likes to cook, read, take pictures of her dog and cat cuddling, and finds an odd satisfaction in folding sheets so that the top sheet is indistinguishable from the bottom sheet.

She loves all things romance and is grateful every day she gets to write for a living.

Connect with Molly:
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