REVIEW: Breaking His Spell by Foster Bridget Cassidy

The descriptive bit: Klint is an immortal magician of the Alsa Alma. Years in the past, he fell in love with a mortal and ultimately was cursed by his love as he died. Klint has sworn off love and immersed himself potions. A private audience with the head Mage sends Klint and fellow alma, Carishina, off to Terius. Yarling, the kingdom’s young Prince is under a dark spell and has fallen into an enchanted sleep. Klint sets to work to wake up the Prince with potions…but Carishina thinks he might be woken with a kiss! Let the kissing begin!

My thoughts bit: This was a fun little story. It’s clearly a retelling of Sleeping Beauty with some significant changes! Klint has been burned by love and refuses to believe that a kiss could possibly wake someone who was enchanted .. until he basically falls on Yarling and kisses him by accident. Yarling wakes and then Klint finds himself working towards a love union with Yarling and the Guard he has feelings for. Basically, Yarling tried a spell on himself that failed… so he decided to blackmail Klint into helping him. Thus begins a tangled tale of mistaken feelings, magical mysteries, and a dragon! I’m always on board when there’s a dragon.

This was a short read so there wasn’t much in the way of character development. I enjoyed the unraveling of the mysteries in the book, but I found that the ending came up so quickly that it felt a bit rushed. If you like retold fairy tales with queer characters and a dragon – you’ll probably enjoy this.

I received an ARC of Breaking His Spell by Foster Bridget Cassidy from NineStar press via NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

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