Review: Lord of The Butterflies by Andrea Gibson

I didn’t know who Andrea Gibson was when I decided to read this book. I read this collection today and I know that I will be back to it again. Some of the words will take some time to sink in. Although Andrea is known as a spoken word artist, I feel like a lot of the same spirit is captured in their writing.

If words could paint a picture, Andrea Gibson would be the person spray painting the magical mural on the old abandoned brick power plant. You know, that building people want their photo taken in front of because it’s like being transported somewhere that’s … not here.

Pain, change, relationships, family… everything.

How do you review a book of poetry? There are words that standout… poems that will stick with me. “Orlando” is an unflinching look at the horrendous shooting at the Pulse nightclub. It’s a vivid note to us that we are closer to having been there than we acknowledge.

“My yes never fit into the no of this world,” sums up some of the delicious poetry in this collection. This is a book for those of us who don’t fit into the standard mold.

“Ode to the panic attack” is brilliant. I want to keep it in my back pocket like a secret manifesto.

These words are a mixture of dance, politics, ethereal thoughts, gender, hearts, and all the dust-mote-thoughts in the corners of our minds. It’s beautiful and raw.

The way Gibson strings words together reminds me of all the reasons people write.

Read this.

And, if you’re curious about Gibson’s work, check out their YouTube channel. It’s pretty amazing.

I received an ARC of this book from Darkwind Press via NetGalley in return I’ll be posting my honest review!

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