Gettin’ Around

Another bike trip today.  This time we went over the north shore and headed up to Lac Du Bois Grasslands.  There’s a dirt road that runs into the parkland and it’s pretty nicely gravelled.  The only other vehicle we saw was a person sitting in her truck watching birds.  Can’t beat that.

Stopping to check out the beautiful scenery

It was beautiful out there.  My only issue was that the 4 km we rode in was all uphill.  Seeing as I’m still in the process of getting fit that was a bit tricky for me.  I did it – but I had to give up before Joel.  We found a more rugged trail that went off up into the hills but I just wasn’t able to manage it.

Part of my problem was that I just couldn’t get enough traction with my current tires.  I’m dangerous enough on my bike 😉

While Joel took off up the path to check out what it was like I took a panoramic shot of the scenery in the “DMD” app on my iPhone.

It’s distorted but give you an idea of what it’s like out there!

The ride back to the car? Down hill most of the way and it was a blast! It’s a short ride for us coming in at only 8 km return but it took us an hour.  It was hard work – a steady incline but worth it.  I’ll definitely vote to go back 🙂


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