Checking Out The Flood Situation

All of the bike paths are closed – or at least portions of them are – because of the high water.  I thought I would drive out to some of my regular haunts today to take a look.  It’s quite shocking to see the differences in the landscape.

This was a field a while back – beyond the beach that I used to walk on.  The beach is completely underwater now.

This is the road down into Mission Hills park.  A really significant part of the park is now underwater.  Not only is the road covered, but the parking lot and the paths that usually lead down to the beaches.

This is normally the beginning of the path down to Kamloops Lake.   Every time we’ve gone down there the water has been a little higher.  This is the highest it has been so far.

I hope this all begins to recede at some point! We’ve certainly has a strange mixture of weather for the summer!  OH! and I’ve been worrying about the marmots but it appears they are retreating further back from the normal shoreline.  That’s the mama down below and the baby up top 🙂


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