The River Is Rising

Joel and I are very fortunate to live at the top of a hill.  I might not normally think that but everything seems to be flooding up in our area at the moment.  The poor folks over in Sicamous are being evacuated and roads our closed in many directions due to mudslides.

Be careful out there folks if you’re heading into the interior of B.C. for any reason!

Our regular bike route out on the north shore is under water.  The bike path itself is along the top of a berm

This is very swampy and usually we are able to ride down there.

by the river.   We could see the water bubbling up through the ground even though the river hadn’t actually made it up that far.  Water is a very destructive force.

We were going to sign up for the Enridge ride to end cancer – but people seem reluctant to do that because…it’s Enridge.  I guess activism and social responsibility would mean that we didn’t sign up but it did look like an exciting two day ride to raise money to fight cancer.

My co-worker Donna is talking about perhaps organizing a ride from Vancouver to Seattle – just to see if we could do it.  This would take place next summer.  I’m going to make that kind of thing my goal and see what happens.  Gotta have a goal, right?

First – bike shorts… then – conquer the world.


It’s a long road ahead but I don’t mind anymore



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