High Waters & Road Rash

We rode 25 km today but the Thompson rivers didn’t make it easy.  The park that we usually ride through is almost under water.  Half of the arena parking lot is already wet.

Riverside park, the parking lot … for canoes.

The water we waided through last week is now much higher.   Even though there is tape up everywhere people seem quite fascinated by the river.  There were benches that were almost under water and people were perched on them, dangling their feet in the water.  We are certainly drawn to water.

This was the part of the route that was the trickiest.  From the red square until we crossed the river we had to detour off the path. (And avoid all the flood tourists).  According to the City of Kamloops website we can expect the water to continue to rise another couple of feet.  And there’s more rain coming on the weekend.

This was the furthest we’ve ridden to date.  It proved to be a little too far for my poor knee which resulted in a comedy of errors.  Somehow my bike tire slid off the edge of the sidewalk and I caught myself but when I put my foot down my knee gave out and I fell.  I proudly present my first real cycling injury.  Joel says I’m a real cyclist now.

As the colors are still developing in my massive bruises I’ll forego taking a photo of them.  Suffice it to say – my leg hurts 🙂  I have to work the next three days – good thing there are lots of carts with wheels at the Library.


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