Scary Flicks || Area 407

The movie: "Area 407" / Original title "Tape 407" Horror/Sci-Fi/ThrillerOfficial Rating: NRMy rating: 6/10The scoop:A plane full of people heading home for the holidays crashes. There is a kid on board obsessed with filming everything and that's exactly what she does while they survivors are... stalked. With no help coming for some strange reason, the passengers begin… Continue reading Scary Flicks || Area 407

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Hemlock Grove: No Twilight Werewolves In Sight

I was worried when I first sat down to watch "Hemlock Grove"; fearful of finding more sparkling vampires and lame-ass, overly sentimental werewolves.  Of that there is no sign in this made-for-Netflix series. This 13 episode series is based on the book, "Hemlock Grove: A Novel" by Brian McGreevy.  I've ordered the book to see how closely the… Continue reading Hemlock Grove: No Twilight Werewolves In Sight