Matthew Hutchinson of “Hated” Talks Music On & Off Screen

Matthew Hutchinson is a busy man.  Not only has he lived all over the world but he's a musician, singer, and an actor.  Some of his fans from Australia may be familiar with "Our Mountain"  - though they've since relocated to New York where they're breaking into the US music scene.  Hutchinson did some acting… Continue reading Matthew Hutchinson of “Hated” Talks Music On & Off Screen


“Windsor Drive” – The Cast of Characters

An eclectic group of actors has been brought together for an upcoming project.  "Windsor Drive" follows River Miller, a young actor living with bi-polarity.  River moves to Hollywood to try out for a role in a remade classic film and things begin to unfold. I was able to get some questions to a few members… Continue reading “Windsor Drive” – The Cast of Characters