The Disasters by MK England TV Adaptation in Development

Last year I read “The Disasters” and fell in love with it. I’ve already read it a second time….and it’s one of the hardcovers that has made it into my permanent collection. If you’re curious…you can read my brief review here. (I was way too excited about the book to do my long-form review on here!)

In short, this book is like “The Breakfast Club” in space. It’s a YA space opera with great characters. It’s quirky, fun, and packed with action! The author posted a link today to an article on revealing that the book was optioned a couple years ago and the series is in development.

I can definitely see how this book will make a great series. England has a great writing style. The characters are engaging and loveable… queer and diverse and the story is exciting. The CW is not a network I watch, but I think it’s a good fit for this series because of its youth-oriented programming.

Congrats to MK England! This is a great book and I look forward to seeing it on my tv one day!

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