Review: The Cost of Living by Emilie Lucadamo

Beck wakes up naked, in a rain storm, hung over and sick… only it’s much more complicated than that and his life is about to change completely. Adam Lehexe finds Adam and drags him back to his bookstore, he sees him through the worst of his illness, then has to explain what’s happened.

The problem is that Beck hasn’t been passed out drunk, he’s been dead. He’s been dead for seven months. Something has brought him back to life.

It turns out there’s been some sort of catastrophic dark magical event that is causing havoc. Dead people are coming back to life and demons are possessing people and it all seems to be centering on Beck. After introducing himself back into the life of his friends, Beck has to deal with his best friend being possessed by a demon. Not knowing where to turn, he ends up back at Lehexe’s Bookshop begging for help.

Beck has a mystery to solve. He has n idea how he died, or how he came back to life, his brother Dylan seems different, his friends don’t want to talk about it. Adam… is intriguing but seems reluctant to get involved.

It turns out that Adam has a magical calling that he’s spent a life time trying to avoid. But, his magic may the key to figuring out what’s happening in the supernatural realm.

This story is a fresh take on the supernatural genre, the dialogue was great, witty and amusing. I really wish that this story had been longer. I felt as though the last third of it was a bit rushed.

To be fair, I didn’t read the first part of the “In the Darkness” series, but I think each of these stories stands alone. I enjoyed it! I look forward to reading future books by this author as their style develops.


I received an ARC copy of “The Cost Of Living” in exchanged for an unbiased review.


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