Review: The Empress Game – Cloak of War

The second installment of the Empress Game trilogy opens with Kayla still trapped in her role as Princess Isolde. The battle she was needed to fight onuntitled-18 the Princess’ behalf is over but the war is just beginning. Kayla and IDC agent Malkor along with other agents are still trying to make sense of their relationship as they continue to work together. Malkor is still reeling from Kayla’s choice in the first book to leave him in favor of leaving with her brothers. It doesn’t surprise me that this ro’haar chose to go with her il’haar. Once reunited with her family it seemed to me like the only course of action she would take.

But fate chose a different path for Kayla and she has remained bound to her role as the hologram version of the Princess Isolde. There is hope for a cure. Isolde’s future husband won’t give up on her – but Kayla is beginning to lose hope that she will ever be able to return to her true identity. As she struggles with living her life as someone else she is wondering where her brothers are. Corinth and Vayne are hurtling through space – hopefully sent to safety, or were they?

There are new threats in the second book of the trilogy. Someone attacks Kayla and threatens to reveal her secrets to everyone. This means that she and the IDC agents, perhaps even the Princess would be punished, possibly executed. What will buy her safety is something that they’re not willing to trade with and that is the plan Dolan left for the machine that can transfer Psi powers. You see the bind they are in.

Kayla is still a hell of a fighter. She’s one of the best female characters I’ve come across in a long time. She won’t back down even when things around her seem to be falling apart.

This book introduces some new characters, new intrigue and brings back some familiar characters. But Kayla has to be careful. There are certainly trust issues that extend beyond the agent who flipped on them in the first story. The middle of the book leaves Kayla in an untenable situation; one she thought she wouldn’t’ be facing for a very long time. No! I’m not going to give it away.

I thoroughly enjoyed this second installment. The series is full of grand characters and this second story has certainly set the stage for a power-packed conclusion. I’m looking forward to reading more of Kayla kicking ass. I have a feeling she will have a huge role to play in the conclusion of this series!


The bloody tournament to determine the new empress of the intergalactic empire may be over, but for exiled princess Kayla Reinumon, the battle is just beginning. To free her home planet from occupation, Kayla must infiltrate the highest reaches of imperial power. But when a deadly nanovirus threatens to ravage the empire, it will take more than diplomacy to protect her homeworld from all-out war.


  • ISBN: 9781783299430
  • Dimensions: 198 x 130 mm
  • Paperback: 400pp
  • Publication date: 28 October 2016
  • All authors:
    Rhonda Mason

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