Review: “Looper”

One thing is crucial when watching a movie that involves any kind of time travel: the ability to suspend your disbelief.  There’s really no way around the fact that any kind of time travel is a set up for inconsistencies and philosophical loops.

That’s pretty important when you go to see “Looper“.  The interesting thing is that the film, itself, acknowledges that in a rather clever way.  While facing off against his younger self – Joe gives… Joe the best description of time travel and why it won’t be explained in detail.

(Young Joe) So do you know what’s going to happen? You done all this already as me?

(Old  Joe) I don’t want to talk about time travel, because if we start talking about it then we’re going to be here all day talking about it, making diagrams with straws.

Okay.  Here’s the plot.  When time travel is invented, someone quickly realizes that it’s going to create a huge mess and shuts it down.  Naturally, rules don’t stop criminals from using time travel.  Someone comes up with the scheme that the best way to get rid of a person in the future is to blink them back to the past at a pre-determined time so a “Looper” or assassin can be standing their waiting with a gun.  The Looper kills the person, retrieves payment and disposes of the body.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in make-up to more closely resemble Bruce Willis

Thirty years in the future “the Rainman” begins to “close all the loops”.  Young Joe – Joseph Gordon-Levitt – must kill his future self.

Joe’s future self – played by Bruce Willis – has made a life for himself after retiring.  He has cleaned up, has a wife and realizes that he wants that future to stay alive.  He comes back with a mission – he’s going to get rid of “the Rainman”

SPOILER  :PLEASE don’t read further if you are going to see the film:  SPOILER

The best kept secret about this film is, then five-year old, Pierce Gagnon.  Pierce plays “the Rainman.”  He is a child with a shaky upbringing and some shockingly intense telekinetic skills.  He is dangerous enough to makes his mother lock herself in a bank safe when he gets angry because he can’t control it.

Pierce does  an amazing job, for an actor, never mind the fact that he was five-years old when filming.  He gives his character a remarkable depth and allows everyone to believe that he has the potential to grow up and become a man in the future who will order the death of people without batting an eyelash.

The piercing gaze of five-year old actor, Pierce Gagnon

The chemistry between young Rainman, Cid and his mother (Emily Blunt) is tangible.  It’s easy to believe in the bond between them and how it’s the glue holding things together.  Without that bond, this film wouldn’t really make a lot of sense.

Great movie, amazing work by the cast.  Watch for Pierce Gagnon.  He might be a well-kept secret in this movie but I can’t see him remaining that way for long!

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