Coast to Coast in a 1941 Dodge

This weekend, Kamloops was host to the 18th Annual “Hot Night in the City” event.  Over 350 cars registered and showed up to cover 13 blocks downtown Kamloops.  It was amazing.

One of the cars that stood out was a sleek blue, 1941 Dodge Model D21S.  This car has been lovingly restored by its owners Ron and Chick Buck of Kamloops, BC.

For the car geeks only:  Special Deluxe, 5 passenger.  12.5 HP at 3600 RM, BORE 3 3/8, Stroke 4 1/16.

1941 Dodge Model D21S owned by Ron and Chick Buck || ©CKinzie

A 36 year veteran of the car club world, Ron Buck was in the shade in a lawn chair watching as people enjoyed his car.  I was able to have a quick chat with him.  Ron is a member of the “Coasters”: a group of vintage car owners who travel from one of Canada’s coasts to the other.  Ron literally dipped the front tires in the Atlantic ocean and the rear tires in the Pacific.  The last “Coasters” trip was in 2010.

IMP: So you’re a member of the Coasters? How many miles did you guys travel?

Ron:  The round trip was 12476 miles.

IMP:  and how many cars was it?

Ron: This one was 60.  We were across in 2000; there were 180 of us.  This is the second time we’ve crossed in this car.

IMP: How many miles are on your car?

Ron:  Well, I’ve put 69,000 on it but I turned the speedometer back to nothing when I got it.  My belief is that it was a taxi in Merritt (BC) so it could have lots of miles on it.

IMP:  So why do you come to the show n shine?

Ron:   Just ’cause I enjoy it, more than anything. I meet a lot of people I haven’t seen from year to year.  That’s always nice. Because, you know, when you get my age you don’t see ‘em that often.  You don’t see people that often.  I’ve been in the Vintage car club for 36 years and I enjoy this kind of thing.

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