AppStravaganza: Hipstamatic

I love photo apps for my iPhone.  Many of the free ones are fantastic but there’s one app that I think is worth the $1.99 fee: Hipstamatic (by Hipstamatic LLC)

If you’re the kind of person who just snaps the occasional pic, or wants everything to be fast and efficient then this probably isn’t the app for you.  If you want something creative and with almost as much control as a regular SLR then this might be it.

There are too many features for me to cover completely so I will pick out my favorites.

To begin with, I like that I can change the lenses and the film.  It works for my poor old-fashioned mind that is used to my Nikon D70S.  I’ve been using Hipstamatic for well over a year and have yet to run out of new combinations.

That being said, I have purchased all of the extra lenses and packages.  The app does come with more than enough variation for you to take some great shots, but if you like it you’ll probably want to spend a few dollars more.

One of my favorite combinations at the moment is the Watts lens and Dream canvas film.  The Dream canvas film is better seen in a real print; it makes the photo looks a little like it’s been printed on actual canvas and is a really great texture.  The Watts lens is perfect for scenes with a lot of light.  It’s high contrast and very crisp.

Here’s a shot I took when we stopped at a film set along Highway 97:

Hipstamatic app, Watts Lens and Dreamcanvas film ©CKinzie

Hipstamatic, Watts Lens, Dreamcanvas film || ©CKinzie

One thing that some users may find to be a bit bothersome is the fact that app will only allow 9 photos to be taken before the film must “wind on”. It doesn’t take too long, and doesn’t bother me as I tend not to shoot pics quickly.

Another cool feature of this app is the ease of ordering “real” prints.  There is a “print Lab” within the app and you can order packs of 4 inch, 7 inch, 10 inch or 30 inch prints.  In addition to being pretty high quality prints, they arrive in an awesome pack that doubles as a frame!

My other favorite feature is the “shake to randomize” option.  You can turn this option on and off in the app settings and every time you shake the camera you get a random selection of features.  I’ve discovered some fantastic combinations using this feature.  It’s a great way to get to know the app and it’s possibilities.

I would recommend this app to anyone who wants some artistic images and a fair amount of flexibility.

The 4 inch print pack in its package/frame

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