It Sucks To Have Fur When It’s 30 C

I’ve had cats most of my life but never in a climate like this before.  Semi-arid dessert is what Joel keeps telling me.  I say – freakin’ hot.  Willow started to slow up at about 25 degrees.  She only moves now when there is food available or she can persuade me to turn the air conditioning on.

When the AC is on Willow parks her ass right on the vent in the living room.  On it.  Not beside it, not in front of it – on it.  I’ve never seen a cat do that and, really?, isn’t it cold?

In the evenings when we turn off the AC and put the fans on Willow drags her sorry butt over to the fan and collapses right in front of it.

She’s a bit of a drama queen but don’t tell her I said so.

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