The Adventures of Stunt Cat

Willow likes to run around like a freak after she poos. Cat thing ? I dunno.

Last week she didn’t know the patio door was closed and ran full tilt into the glass. She even left a little kitty face smear.

She seemed ok. Then a few days later we noticed she couldn’t hear.

Two vets had a look at her while she was held down in a towel by a very brave lady with welding gloves.

There was blood in her ear and they think she ruptured her ear drum!!

Poor stunt cat!!!

So she is on a forced leave from stunt work, has antibiotics and pain meds.

This afternoon she sat bolt upright and stared at the stereo when the theme from “Spartacus” came on. Even though I have obvious concern about her poor taste in music … She heard something.

The adventures of stunt cat will continue!!!

Before pain meds20120608-134802.jpg

after pain meds


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