Marnie Alton Debut EP

Some people live their lives with a great passion, some people sing about it and there are some people who seem to manage to do both.  Marnie Alton seems to fall into the last category.

Marnie Alton – a Canadian born, actor and singer currently residing in England– has just released her first EP.  It’s pretty stripped down with only Marnie’s vocals and her guitar as she sings her own creations.  It’s the kind of music that one might expect to hear at a beach party in front of a huge bonfire.  The thing is – this is so much better than that.

It’s crystal clear and there’s a unique quality to her voice that fits well with the guitar.  It’s tight, the words and the music seem meant to be together and it’s the kind of music that would make a crowded bar grow quiet if she took the stage.

It’s hard to pin down influences and maybe this is pure “Marnie” but if you like the vocal musings of the Cowboy Junkies front woman, Margo Timmins you will probably love Marnie’s CD.  There’s a little bit of the strength of Cheryl Crow and a lot of the reality check you might get from Ani Difranco.

What stands out about Marnie’s EP is the simplicity.  It’s not over-produced or auto-tuned.  It’s real music and real vocals.  Thoughtful and melancholy in just the right way, the songs linger.  This is the kind of music you want on your iPod for a long walk on a windy day.

Photo by Kerry Krenzin

The lyrics are simple but meaningful.  These are the kinds of songs that make the listener think “Yes! That’s exactly how you describe that feeling.”  The second song on the CD is one of those perfect captures of feeling.

“I already miss you,
And you haven’t even left.
So, I know I’d miss you even if we’d never met.”

-lyrics to “I Already Miss You”

Who knew understated could kick this much ass?

If you’d like to pick up a copy of Marnie’s Cd visit her website(

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