Cindy Sampson – Super Hero?

Cindy Sampson got rave reviews at her first Supernatural Convention appearance in Birmingham earlier this year. People said she was funny, witty and they’d love to see her back again. Not what you might expect “Supernatural” fans to say given Cindy was brought on the show to play Dean Winchester’s (Jensen Ackles) love interest.

Cindy at Asylum 6 in the UK. Photo © Joanne Bowles

Her first appearance on “Supernatural” turned into several and the character, Lisa Braeden, grew on many viewers.

The best thing about Cindy’s appearance on “Supernatural” is that a new set of viewers have been introduced to her work. Have you seen her in “Swamp Devil”? I watched it; great for horror fans! It has a crazy ending and is pretty action packed!

Cindy now has a few movies that are in the post-production stage including “The Factory” starring John Cusack. “The Factory” will be in theaters December 19.

Cindy at Asylum 6. Photo © Joanne Bowles

Cindy took some time out from her crazy schedule to answer some questions for us.


IMP:  There’s been some buzz about the picture you posted on twitter! You looking very intent with a gun focused on someone. Is it a still from “The Factory”?

Cindy in “Wings Of The Dragon”. Image ©DRGN Productions

Cindy: It’s actually from an action film called “Wings of the Dragon”. I play a detective investigating an underground fight club….unfortunately production is on hold until next year. I hope we get back to it soon…the stunts?martial arts in this film are AMAZING. Plus, I get to shoot people.

IMP: You’ve been busy from the looks of things. What’s coming up that we can watch out for?

Cindy: Well, It seems The Factory is finally being released in December! A nice serial killer movie just in time for the holidays-ha. I’m currently filming a french film titled “Camion”…and have a few other projects in the works that I can’t talk about because it’s bad luck. Yes, I actually believe that.

IMP: Do you prefer film or TV work? Why?

Cindy: I wanted to be an actress because I LOVE films….two hours of glorious escapism in any genre…if you want to laugh or cry or believe in magic; I just find films so therapeutic. However, in the past few years I’ve developed a real love for television. I never used to watch TV and am now thoroughly ADDICTED to so many shows. There’s something amazing about revisiting the same character and viewers looking forward to their weekly dose of said characters and their lives and being able to follow story lines for YEARS.

Cindy and co-star Brock Kelly at Asylum 6. Photo © Joanne Bowles

IMP: Now that you’ve done a “Supernatural” convention, fans seem to be really loving the “real” you. What’s it like to work on a show with such an involved and vocal fanbase?

Cindy: Frightening. Just joking…it’s amazing! At the end of the day, whether you are loved or hated, it is so interesting to be part of a project that has such a huge impact on people. The SPN fans are so freaking entertaining…I love it..even the hate. They are all just passionate supernatural lovers!

IMP: And the fans noticed your tattoo. Do you have more than one tattoo? A lot of actors won’t get any artwork on their bodies, why did you choose to?

Cindy: I have a tattoo on my lower back that I got with my best friend MANY years ago. It retrospect, not the most brilliant decision-haha. The six small ones on my wrists are a memorial to my brother, Tyler. It takes a bit to airbrush them(you have never seen them on SPN!) and working in this industry has definitely stopped me from getting more…pissing off the make-up artists isn’t fun :)

IMP: Were you worried at all about the longevity of your character when you found out Lisa was a love interest for Dean Winchester?

Cindy: Not at all. When I booked the gig…I was under the assumption that I was filming ONE episode. It’s been a pretty good ride! I did wonder when we entered season 6 how they would eliminate Lisa. I figured I would die eventually, so the season finale was an awesome surprise! I try to live in the moment (too much) and all the extra episodes since 2007 have been a really spectacular gift.

IMP: You seem like more of the “hunter” type. Would you have been as pleased to be on “Supernatural” as a demon hunter?”

Cindy: HELL YEAH! Jo’s character was kickass, but I actually REALLY wanted to be a demon, at least I can cross that off the wish list.

IMP:Anytime fans get a chance to ask questions about someone who has worked on “Supernatural” pranks always get brought up. We got to see you in the gag reel having some fun at Jensen’s expense. Did you get any pranks pulled on you while you were shooting?

Cindy: No….hmmmm, I don’t think?! I don’t recall being pranked…doesn’t mean I didn’t get razzed/heckled/teased all day every day!

IMP: Is there a person (actor or director) you’d like to work with? A particular project you’d really love to do? Ultimate dream job?

Cindy: Judd Apatow and Paul Rudd. Enough said.

IMP: And another fan question: If you were  cast in the next big superhero flick… who would you want to play?

Cindy: I have NO IDEA! The majority of superheros have been brought to life on screen already. I’d have to say Arisia Rrab…because her alias is Cindy Simpson. Coincidence?

IMP: I always ask people – what are your top five favorite movies?

Cindy: Seriously? Hardest question ever. Stand by Me, Love Actually, Scarface, Lord of the Rings, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Top Gun, Hero, Elizabeth, Star Wars….impossible question!!!


Look for “The Factory” in Theaters next month and we’ll keep you posted on Cindy’s other work. I can’t wait to see Cindy gun-totin’ and ass-kickin’, I think it suits her!

Maybe Cindy Sampson really IS her secret identity.


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