Why these categories?

LGBTQIA+ Content: Any content that is queer! I don’t care whether it’s main characters or supporting characters. If it’s Queer … then I will categorize it here. I don’t include M/M romance in this category. In my general experience m/m romance books aren’t very “authentic”. In my mind, these books have authentic, real, important LGBTQIA+ content!

M|M Romance: For me, M/M romance books are books that might be focussed on a gay couple but I feel like they are aimed at a specific audience… and that is generally women. M/M romance books follow a formula and are generally (not always) written by women… and it’s not generally “authentic” in my opinion. Don’t give me grief about this… I’m not complaining about the genre… I quite enjoy some of them when they’re written well! I just think there’s a difference.

I’m not even saying that women can’t write great books about gay men. I believe that they can. But, I don’t believe that M/M romance is synonymous with “gay story” any more than I would consider “romance” to be “general fiction”.

General Fiction: Fiction… written by anyone and written for any audience. General for adults.

Non-fiction: Based on facts or real events.

Historical: Not written in a contemporary setting.

Paranormal: All the things that go bump in the night. Vampires! Werewolves! Ghosts! Warlocks!

Sci-fi/Fantasy: Speculative fiction… basically logical. Or the kind that is set in a different world.

Young Adult: Books that are written for a younger audience. I’m not going to give age limits because when I was 10 years old I was already reading “teen” books. I think that young people find the right books for themselves whenever they are ready. These days… there’s young adult and “New” adult which tends towards having characters that are a little older. Many adults read YA because they enjoy the content!