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Interview: Things I’ve Learned From Matt Cohen

This is a repost of an interview I posted a few years back. Sadly, the original post vanished! So here it is again. -=-=-=- For several years, I was fortunate enough to interview Matt Cohen at Creation’s Salute to Supernatural Convention in Vancouver.  It’s not always easy to get an interview with past cast members but… Continue reading Interview: Things I’ve Learned From Matt Cohen


Hawksley Workman Tour Hits Victoria

I have seen Hawksley Workman four times. Each performance I've seen has been better than the last. For that reason, it shouldn't have surprised me that the most recent tour to support his newest record Old Cheetah was the best show yet. Workman isn't going to be found onstage lip-synching, he's unlikely to play a pop song (Although… Continue reading Hawksley Workman Tour Hits Victoria